Thomas Clarke1

b. 1 November 1570, d. 29 July 1627
FatherJohn Clarke2 b. 11 Feb 1541/42, d. bef. 8 Apr 1598
MotherKatherine Cooke2 b. 12 Feb 1540/41, d. bef. 30 Mar 1598
Thomas Clarke was born 1 November 1570 at Westhorpe, Suffolk, England,2, and baptised there, 3 November 1570.2

Thomas Clarke married Rose Kerrich, daughter of William Kerrich and Margery (---), 13 May 1600 at Westhorpe.1,2 He died 29 July 1627 at Westhorpe2 and was buried 30 July 1627 at Westhorpe.2
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Rose Kerrich b. 13 Apr 1572, d. 19 Sep 1627


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