William Jerome Pierce

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William Jerome Pierce, son of William Clarence Pierce and Margaret Anita Carder, was born at Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota, 4 February 1896.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 He died at Costa Mesa, Orange Co., California, 21 June 1986.8 Both he and his wife were buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., California.8,9

William married Harriet Hanson Robinson, daughter of Edward Warrington Robinson and Mary Elizabeth Robinson, at Los Angeles, California, 13 September 1915.10,11,12

Bill, as he was known, was not what you would call a well-behaved child. He recalled that when he and his brothers visited the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, they took the opportunity to carve their initials in it! Another time around the eighth grade, he locked the school janitor in the closet and was expelled. He never went back. He was in trouble a lot, and frequently lied about his age. Eventually, the lies became the "truth" and his true birth year was "lost" until it came time to apply for Social Security in the 1950's.

At one time, he tried to join a circus. He really wanted to get in to show business, but it was not to be, at least not as a performer. He snooped around Houdini's show at Eliches Garden in Denver, was caught, and tossed out on his ear. He met Harriet while roller skating in Denver, but soon had to leave for the West Coast to look for work. She later followed him where they eloped.

He returned to Denver where on 5 June 1917, he registered for the draft at the local board for Division 4 and was later classified IV-a: A married registrant with dependent spouse and insufficient family income if drafted. At the time he was living at 289 So. Grant along with his two brothers and was employed at Mammoth Roller Rink. When he registered, he gave his birth date as 4 February 1895.13

He held several jobs throughout his career including work in a fish factory, hardwood flooring, at Lake Isabella working on poles and flumes for Southern California Edison Co., and as office manager with Lindy Air Products in Denver and Seattle. He also worked for a dairy, and drove a milk truck down Hollywood Blvd. He had learned painting as an apprentice in Denver and finally latched onto a steady career, that of a painter in the Hollywood studios. He worked on many famous pictures, including My Fair Lady. In one scene some "old" trash cans are tripped over. Actually, they were very new, and bright, shiny metal kept showing up every time they were banged around, and Bill had to keep repainting them until they got the scene "in the can."

In 1942, he was a painter and resided with wife Harriet at 2728 Harcourt Ave. in Los Angeles.14 That year, Congress extended the age limits for selective service registration, requiring men between 45 and 65 to register. Commonly referred to as the "Old Man's Draft," none of these registrants were drafted. Bill registered at Local Board 256, 4652 W. Washington Blvd., April 26, 1942, and indicated he was employed at Paramount Studios. This time, he got his birthdate correct: 4 February 1896. Oddly, he gave "W. C. Pierce" at 412 W. 90th St. as the person who would always know his address. His father having been dead since 1926, the clerk probably didn't hear "Mrs." when she took down his information.15

In and around the family, he was always the clown, never failing to try to be the center of attention, and never failing to embarrass the rest of us either. He was also a capable juggler, and liked to fool his grandkids with easy coin tricks.

He was a jack of all trades, but master of one, his painting. He often did work on the side for friends and family. And although he said he hated it it, his work with wallpaper was outstanding.

He was known throughout the Hollywood studios and Los Angeles Times columnist, Hedda Hopper noted their 50th wedding Anniversary:
Bill Pierce has been a painter in the movie business since 1923--his last pictures were "My Fair Lady" and " Ship of Fools." Everybody knows him and likes him. Sunday he and his wife Harriet will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Quite a record in our town.11

His daughter Dorothy composed the following that was read at his funeral:
While going through my father's personal things, a paper was found with the following words written, "When you see a man without a smile, give him one of yours."

We, who are here today, know how much he lived by those words. His only desire was to bring cheer to anyone that he met. Friends or strangers, it mattered not! It was his way of giving love to others.

May we leave here today, not saddened, but glad for having known him. And in return, give to others the smiles he gave to you.


Harriet Hanson Robinson b. 26 May 1895, d. 19 Dec 1974
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