Billings, Cooke, Force, Logan, Pierce, Robinson, Smith, & Woolsey Lines and Other Allied Families

This section offers descendant and pedigree charts, indexes to people, places and sources, lists of Gateway Ancestors, Magna Charta Sureties and much more. Each family group is shown on a single page with footnotes citing the source of the information. On these pages, each head of the family has a pop-up 3-generation pedigree chart. These and the charts and lists are all linked so simply click the name to move to their page.

There is also a list of those persons who have genealogical notes. If the genealogical evidence is not obvious from the sources or there are some "issues" with some published sources, I've explained the rationale for my conclusions.

Another list page is Wikipedia. Some of the folks on these pages had more than their allotted 15 minutes of fame and have earned a spot on Wikipedia. The list takes you to their family page that has a direct link to the Wikipedia article.

I no longer display pictures. They tended to end up on Ancestry with neither credit nor permission.

I have added a chart, and individual pages for 5-6 generations of the descendants of Ellis Cook of Southampton. I'm sure there are errors of both omission and commission. I want to know about all of them--that's the only way things get fixed. Thanks.

Genealogy, or Family History if you prefer, is never finished. There are always more ancestors to find so by definition, this is a work in progress. If you have any additional information, corrections, or simply questions about my conclusions, please drop me a line.

A final note on sources: In the early years of genealogy, many publications did not identify their sources, if there actually was a source. Many published pedigrees were fraudulent. Some authors simply stated they checked the available records, did a good job, so "trust me." In the 1920's, Donald Lines Jacobus started a revolution in the field, insisting on documentation from official records or contemporary writings. In 1997, Elizabeth Shown Mills published Evidence! (superceded by Evidence Explained in 2007) that defined how to cite a source for every fact in accordance with acceptable academic practice. It's a high standard, and I'm by no means complete. I've been working for several years to properly cite the source material, and with over 32,000 people in the database, and over 13,000 on this site, I'm simply not finished yet. Please let me know if you see a glaring omission or error.


Icons used in these pages:

- an ancestor of Edward Ambrose Cooke or Adele Force
- an ancestor of William Jerome Pierce or Harriet Hanson Robinson
- an ancestor of Wilford Ervie Billings or Jennie Luene Logan
- an ancestor of Cecil Andrew Smith or Dora Myrtle Woolsey
- is a known immigrant to the "New World" from elsewhere