Thomas Wells

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Thomas Wells, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, say 1595.1 He died at Evesham, Worcestershire, England, after 9 February 1637, when he wrote his will.1

Thomas married Frances Albright, daughter of Richard Albright, at England say 1625.1

Thomas left a will dated 9 February 1637, which included:
In the name of god amen be it knowe to all men that I Thomas Welles of Evesham weaver doe make my last will and testament the ninth day of feberrary 1637 the maner and forme as foloweth

first I beequeth my soule unto the hands of my lord and saviour Jesus Christ whoo hath Redemed it next I bequeth my body to the earth and all my worldly goods In maner and forme following

first I forgive my father the 5 pownd which he oweth to me and I give to my father 6 pownd more to be paid in three yere by equell somes fourty shillings a yeare but if he dy the mony that is unpaid to remain to the Exseckiter.

Next I give to my eldest son Thomas 20 pownd to be paid at the age of 21 yeares and my house after the death of his mother

Item I give to my daughter Mary 30 pownd likewase to my son John 30 more but if my wife be with child and it live then it is my will that 10 pownd a pece shall be taken from John and Mary and given to it and it is my will that my son John shall be paid at the age of 21 yeare and my daughter Mary at hur day of mariage or at the age of 21 yeares: but if they prove stouborne and dissobedent then it shall be left to the will of thir mother and the overseers when they shall have it: and furhter it is my will that if my son Thomas dy without a aire then it is my will that it shall come to my son John and if John dy without a aire then to com to the other son if it be a son or elce to remaine to the Daughter if there are two or elce to remaine to my daughter Mary.

Item I give to my man Charles Whitell a shipe & hoge worth eight shillings or two hachibs which he nowe doeth work with upon his good behaviour to his dame.

Item I give to my godsons Joseph Blissord and John Welles 2 shillings a pece

Item I give to John Pathit 2 shillings.

Item I give to Ann Albright and Jone the daughters of John Allbright 2 shillings a peece.

Item I give to John Allbright and Catherin the sonne and daughter of Richard Allbright 2 shillings a peece.

Item I give to John Loe and Sara Loe the son and daughter of Griffen Loe 2 shillings apeece

Item I give to Sara Ordway 2 shillings.

Item I give to my brother John Allbright my cloake.

Item I give to my brother Richard Allbright my best coate.

Item I give to the pore 5 shillings to be geven to whome my wif and Eward Ordway an dWilliam Lampit think good and I make my wife my whole exseckiter and my brother John Albright and my brother Richard Albright ovorseres

Unsigned but witnessed by Thomas Handy,William Lampit, and Edward Ordway.1


Frances Albright b. say 1600, d. bef. 26 Mar 1678
  • Mary Welles1 b. 1626
  • Thomas Welles1 b. say 1629, d. bt Sep 1676 - Dec 1676
  • John Welles+1 b. say 1635, d. 18 Oct 1692
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