John Tompson

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John Tompson, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born say 1585.1 He died before 14 November 1626,2 when he was buried at St Dunstan in the West, London, England.3

John married (1) Sarah Mills, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), about 17 August 1610 (date of license);1 he married (2) Alice Freeman, daughter of Henry Freeman and Margaret Edwards, say 1613.4,5,2

John left a will dated 6 November 1626, and proved 11 Apr 1627, mentioning:
"my wife Alice Thompson,"
son Thomas Thompson, then not of full age of twenty-one years
"all my children," without naming them
brothers-in-law, William Spencer, a minister, and Henry Freeman, gentleman
Gives all his "messuages, closes, lands, tenements and Hereditaments whatsoever in the town parish and fields of Woodford-by Hinton," in Northamptonshire, to be sold, "the money thereof made to be distributed equally amongst all my children except my son Thomas Thompson, and to be paid unto them at their several ages of twenty one years, or day of marriage."
Mentions his interest in a moiety of the manor of Saxby, and in "other lands, tenements, closes and Hereditaments in Saxby in the County of Leicester."
Wife and brother-in-law Thomas Freeman to be executors.

Later, an Inquisition Post Mortem of John Thompson, gent. was made:
Writ, 5 July, 5 Chas. I [1628]
Inquisition, Leicester town, 26 Sept., 4 Chas. I [1628]
Saxbye. A moiety of the manor, with the manor house, and 4 1/2 virgates of land, lately occupied by William Brigges; a cottage, lately occupied by John Bescob; and a third part of the advowson, with the right of every third presentation: held of the honour of Huntingdon, by suit of court every 3 weeks at the manor court of Huntingdon; worth beyond reprises 40/p.a.
William Sharpe of Rolleston, gent., by indenture, dated 1 Apr. 14 Jas. I [1616] conveyted the premises, for £650, to John Tomson, then of Preston Capes, Northamptonshire, and Alice his wife; remainder of one moiety to Alice, then to the heirs male and female, successively, of John and Alice; and the other moiety to Richard Trist of Maydford, Northamptonshire, gent, and to the heirs male and femalie of John and Alice; as appears by the charter of feoffment, shown the jurors as evidence.
Hed died at London, 6 Nov., 2 Chas I[1626].
His widow Alice is living at Preston.
Heir of John Tompson; his son John Tompson, aged 16 1 Oct 1627.
Heir of John Tompson and Alice; his son Thomas Tompson, aged 9 years, 10 Months, and 14 days at his father's death.

From a Feet of Fines, Leicestershire, 17 Chas. I, Easter:
At Westminister, 15 days from Easter, 17 Chas. I [10 May 1641], before John Bankes, Francis Crawley, Edmund Roke, and Robert Foster, justices.
Plaintif. William Spencer, clk
Deforciant. Tomas Tompson, gent.
Premises. A messuage, a cottage, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 80 a. land, 10 a. meadow, 30 a. pasture, 3 a. heath and furze, and common for all beasts in Saxbye; the acvowson of Saxbye church; and a moiety of Saxby manor.
Thomas had granted William the premises, from 1 May last, for 99 yeasrs; rent, a grain of pepper , at Micaelmas yearly. Consideration, £300 sterling, paid by plaintiff to deforciant.

The three brothers-in-law mentioned in John Tompson's will were his wife's brothers and her brother-in-law, Rev. William Spencer. From his I.P.M., we can see he died the same day he made his will and was probably ill at the time. He had been married before marrying Alice, and had a living son by that first wife; it also gives the age of both this son and Thomas, his eldest son by Alice, who was still living in Preston. When Thomas was 24, he sold the property of Saxbye, which had been his father's, to his uncle, Rev. William Spencer. His sister Bridget, married to Capt George Denison of Roxbury, tried to recover her share:
George Denison of Rocksbury in New England gent and Bridget Denison his wife daughter of John Tompson late of Preston in the County of Borthton gent deceased and of Mrs Alice Thompson now dwelling at Rocksbury aforesaid make a letter of Attorney to Thomas Worlidge Citizen & silke dyer of London and Mr Viner citizen & silke dyer of London to demand receive & recover of Mr Clarke parson of the parish Church of Scaldwell in the County of Northampton or any other lyable thereunto the portion of the said Bridget give her by her said fathers last will & testament, 1: 22: 1640 [1641].

Alice also had some troubles of her own:
Thomas Robinson of Scituate complins against Alice Thompson widdowe of that Whereas she standeth indebted unto the said pltiffe in the summe of one hundred three score and ten pounds to be payd upon certain dayes agreed on and for the payment of parte should have signed certaine bills of exchange to be payd in England she has refused to sign the said billes & is now going for England therefore the Plaintiffe humbly craveth that the said defendt may put in better security for the discharge of the said debt according to the agrement aforesaid.

Alice was also cousin to Gov George Wyllys of Connecticut as shown by a letter from him to his son George, 28 Oct 1644, from Hartford:
The bearer hereof is mr Parke of Weathersfield he borrowed 12ii of me his going hence & is to pay it to you in London, he married my Cosin Thompson, & his sonne Thomas hath married hir Daughter dorothy Tompson. He is come over to receave his sonnes wives pcon & to take some order for what is belonging to his wife when he comes to you or you meete with him I pray you use him very kindly. . . he hath assured a good Estate of Land in wethersfield unto his sonne Thomas & my Cosin dorothy his wife & their heires more than hir pcon deserveth & hath dealt very lovingly wth his wife in what he hath disoposed unto her, acquaint my cosin Spencer herewth I pray you by letter who is to pay the pcon if you see him not in London, & comend me & my wife unto my Cosin Spencer & his wife & tell him I request him to use him kindly & dispatch his business wth as soon as may be for his spedier returne.6

Family 1

Sarah Mills d. bef. 1613
  • John Tompson7 b. 1 Oct 1611, d. bef. 27 Jun 1667

Family 2

Alice Freeman b. say 1600, d. bt 24 Dec 1658 - 14 May 1660
  • Margaret Tompson8 b. say 1614, d. aft. 1639
  • Thomas Tompson7 b. 23 Dec 1616, d. 10 May 1641 - 27 Jan 1645/6
  • Samuel Tompson9 b. 25 May 1618, d. aft. 27 Jan 1645/46
  • Mary Tompson7 b. 14 Nov 1619
  • Dorothy Tompson10 b. bef. 2 Jul 1621, d. bef. 19 Oct 1621
  • Bridget Tompson+4 b. 11 Sep 1622, d. May 1643
  • Dorothy Tompson10 b. 5 Jul 1624, d. aft. 9 Aug 1709
  • Nathaniel Tompson10 b. 16 Oct 1625, d. aft. 14 Aug 1637
  • Martha Tompson10 b. 17 Dec 1626, d. aft. 14 Aug 1637
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