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William Thompson, son of John Thompson "mariner," and Anne Vicars, was born at New Haven, Connecticut, 17 January 1674.1,2 He died at New Haven, 13 March 1717.3,2

William married Martha (…), whose parents are not known (or are untraced), before 1708.4,2

Jacobus separates two William Thompsons, who are commonly referred to as father and son. The first is William, Sr., who married Joanna Daniel in 1682, she being the widow of John Glover, and died in 1741. This man was of some importance, and is called "joiner" and surveyor" in deeds, and frequently had "Mr." prefixed to his name. The second is William, Jr., who had a wife Martha before 1708, and died in 1717.

The chronology of William, Sr's, recorded family does not have room for the birth of a son William. Also, William, Sr., deeded no land to William, Jr., nor did he mention him or his heirs in his will, which otherwise makes careful provsion for each of his sons. The heirs of William Jr. do not appear in deeds where all the heirs of William Sr. do appear.

Other, positive evidence does show that William Jr. was the son of John the mariner.
1. William, son of John the mariner was born in 1674, much too early to be in William Sr's family.
2. John the mariner deeded to his son William, along with other land, one-third part of his whole division and tract of land in 1702, which property was later (in 1707) conveyed by William Thompson, husbandman (New Haven Deeds, 3:21,34), showing John's son william was a farmer, whereas William, Sr., always appears as joiner or surveyor;
3. Other land John the mariner deeded to his son William is found in the inventory of William Jr. (New Haven Probate 6:1)
4. Caleb Thompson, known to be a son of William, Jr., conveyed land that was laid out to his father William Thompson, deceased, and other land that was laid out to his grandfather John Thompson, deceased (New Haven Deeds, 8:331)
5. Although families sometimes had two living sons of the same name, John's deed to William only refers to his "son William" without a "first," "second," or other qualifier that might indicate such a situation. Also, the will of William Thompson, uncle of John the mariner, mentions his "cousin William, son of nephew John.

Although he died in 1717, his estate was not settled until 1730 (New Haven Probate 6:1).5


Martha (…) b. bef. 1690, d. 1755
  • Caleb Thompson3,2 b. 15 Sep 1708
  • Martha Thompson+3,2 b. Feb 1710, d. 22 Dec 1769
  • Abraham Thompson3,2 b. Jun 1711, d. 2 Sep 1774
  • Sarah Thompson3,2 b. 1 Oct 1717, d. 24 Dec 1780
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