Jannetie Cornelise

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ChartsAncestors of Edward Ambrose Cooke
Jannetie Cornelise, daughter of Cornelis Segerse Van Egmont and Brechie Jacobsen, was born at Holland, 1633.1,2 She died in 1700.3

Jannetie married Jacob Janse Schermerhorn, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), say 1650.4,5


Jacob Janse Schermerhorn b. 1622, d. 1688
  • Ryer Schermerhorn4 b. 23 Jun 1652, d. 19 Feb 1719
  • Symon Schermerhorn4 b. 1658, d. 1696
  • Jacob Schermerhorn4 b. abt. 1661, d. 20 Jun 1743
  • Machtilt Schermerhorn4 b. 1663
  • Helena Schermerhorn4 b. say 1665
  • Cornelius Schermerhorn4 b. 1668
  • Jannetje Schermerhorn4 b. 1672
  • Nelletje Schermerhorn+4 b. abt. 1674
  • Lucas Schermerhorn4 b. 1676
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