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Mary Tilton, of uncertain parentage, was born at Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, in 1658.1 She died at Tisbury, Dukes Co., Massachusetts, 15 June 1746.1

Mary married Isaac Chase, son of Thomas Chase and Elizabeth Philbrick, at Tisbury 5 December 1675.1,2

The Chase ancestry (1928) calls her a daughter of William & Susannah Tilton of Lynn, Massachusetts. However, Davis (1947) made this observation:
When Samuel Tilton, his family and Hampton friends came to Martha's Vineyard, a young girl, Mary Tilton, was with them. Within two years she married Isaac Chase, a young widower of the Hampton group, bore him twelve children between 1677 and 1703, and died in 1746, aged eighty-eight years, according to the inscription on her gravestone. The parentage of Mary Tilton is not proven. Obviously she was closely related to the Tiltons of Hampton. To argue that she was a daughter of William and Susanna Tilton we must set the year of her birth back at least to the winter of 1652-1653 when William Tilton died, and by so doing say her last child was born when she was fifty, which is improbable. Gravestones are notoriously inaccurate, but they are more apt to exaggerate the age of a very old person than to underestimate it, and Mary's stone would indicate that she was born in 1658. All five of William Tilton's sons had daughters named Mary who lived to grow up and marry during the lifetime of Mary (Tilton) Chase. Of the three boys who were in Hampton with their mother, Samuel, who would have been twenty in 1658, is the most logical candidate for her father, particularly as she went with him from Hampton to the Vineyard. It is most probable that she was his illegitimate daughter, acknowledged and brought up by him and the woman of character whom he married, after the death of her natural mother.

This issue is also presented in more abbreviated fashion in the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire (1928-39).3,1,4


Isaac Chase b. 1 Apr 1650, d. 19 May 1727
  • Thomas Chase1 b. 9 Nov 1677
  • Rachel Chase1 b. 25 Oct 1679
  • Isaac Chase1 b. 21 Jan 1681/82
  • Abraham Chase+1 b. 10 Jan 1683/84, d. 20 Dec 1763
  • James Chase1 b. 15 Jan 1685/86
  • Mary Chase1 b. 17 Jan 1687/88
  • Joseph Chase1 b. 26 Feb 1689/90
  • Jonathan Chase1 b. 28 Dec 1691
  • Hannah Chase1 b. 25 Nov 1693
  • Sarah Chase1 b. 15 Oct 1695
  • Priscilla Chase1 b. 12 Nov 1697
  • Elizabeth Chase1 b. 7 Sep 1703, d. 27 Sep 1719
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