Agnes Perpoynt

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Agnes Perpoynt, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), died before 14 October 1580,1,2 when she was buried at Dedham, Essex, England.1,2

Agnes married Henry Sherman, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), say 1539.1,2


Henry Sherman b. 1512, d. bef. 25 Jul 1590
  • Alice Sherman3 b. say 1540, d. bef. 20 Oct 1580
  • Judith Sherman3 b. say 1545, d. bef. 1 Apr 1601
  • Edmund Sherman+4 b. say 1548, d. bef. 22 Dec 1600
  • Henry Sherman+1 b. bef. Sep 1549, d. bef. 28 Aug 1610
  • John Sherman4 b. bef. May 1551, d. bef. 16 Oct 1576
  • Thomas Sherman4 b. say 1555, d. bef. 16 Mar 1563/64
  • Robert Sherman5 b. 6 Feb 1561, d. bef. 14 Jan 1602
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