Henry Freeman

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Henry Freeman, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born between 1505 and 1508.1 He died before 29 April 1585, when his will was proved.1

Henry married Joan Rudd, daughter of Thomas Rudd and Alice Pemberton, between 1530 and 1533.1

In her listing of the children, Holman shows two additional sons, John and Edward, and fails to list two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, given in Henry's will. There is also an unnamed daughter who married John Barnes, given as son-in-law and overseer in the will. I tend to think that daughter was Mary and she was deceased by 1580.2

Henry left a will dated 6 August 1580, and proved 29 April 1585 by Thomas Freman, son, p.r. to Blase Freman:
To the mother church of Peterburghe 6d., vicar of Archester 12d., poor of Archester 6-8, of Wendlingburgh 6-8, Wolaston 5 /, Irlingburgh 5/, Higham Ferrers 6-8, Farnedish 20d.
To my son Thomas Freman 20 /, his three children 6-8 each.
To my daughter Elizabeth Bowse 20 /, her six children 6-8 each.
To each of my daughter Mary's seven children 6-8.
To Margaret Freeman late wife of my son Oswolde Freman decd, 20 /, and to her five children 6-8 each.
To my son GeorgeFreeman 20 /.
To repairs of Stable Bridge in Archester 2 /, of Dycheford Bridge in the same 2 /.
To son George Freeman my messuage in Londonende in Archester and a croft "Meriwethers Yarde" and all my lands etc. free and copy hold in Archester, Knoston and Irlingburgh late in the tenure of Margarett Freeman late wife of Oswold Freman decd. for life, and then to Henry Freman son and heir of the said Thomas Freman and his heirs for ever; also on yarde land "Humberland" in Archester and all lands in Archester late in the occupation of the said margarett Freeman which I have on lease from William Vaux Lord Harrowdon, for the term yet to come, and if he die first, the remander to the said Henry Freman.
To my son Thomas Freman all my lds etc. in Overdeane and Netherdeane, co. Bedford, and in Archester and Knoston, co. Northt., to him and his heirs for ever; also the lease of my parsonage of Archester and of my windmill in Frenesdishe, co. Bedford, and a close "Duffehouse Close" and a dovehouse and one yarde land and one other close now a hopyarde and a cottage in Archester which I have of Willam Vaus Lord Harrowdon for the rest of my term; if he die first, then to the said Henry son of Thomas Freman.
To William Buttery my clerke [blank].
Residue to relieve such of my children as have most need.
Exors: my sons Blase Freman and Tonas Freman
Overseers: my son-in-law John Barnes and [blank], to each 5-8.
I require my Exors: to deliver all court rolls especially such as be engrossed in paper books like to a Regester of wylles to owners of the same except such as my son Thomas shall hereafter fortune to get the stewardship of as I have had.
No witnesses.3


Joan Rudd
  • Mary Freeman2 d. bef. 6 Aug 1580
  • Elizabeth Freeman2 d. aft. 6 Aug 1580
  • Thomas Freeman+1 b. abt. 1534, d. bef. 11 May 1586
  • Blase Freeman3 b. abt. 1536, d. 1590
  • Oswald Freeman2 b. abt. 1544, d. bef. 6 Aug 1580
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