Agnes Richards

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Agnes Richards, whose parents are unknown (or untraced), died before 12 February 1551/52 when her will was proved.1

Agnes married Thomas White, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here).2

Agnes left a will dated 21 November 1549, and proved 12 February 1551/2:
to the church of Wells 8d.
to the Parish Church of Martocke 6s. 8d.
to Thomas White 4 oxen
to Thomas Howchyner 20 sheep
to Thomas Trotte "Towker" my best crock
to each of his children a lamb
to Henry Trotte a band of iron for a pair of wheels
to Thomas Trotte a steer
to John Trotte a cow
to Thomas the sone of Robert Orible a steer
to Margaret his sister "a heyffer"
to William his brother 10 sheep
to John Squyer of Langport my young "Rone Mare"
to John Hopkyn a cow
to Johane Eglonde my best bed
to the almshouse of Westover, 8 bushels of wheat
alms house of Ilchester
to Thomas the son of Thomas Trotte of Aysshe one "yewe shepe"
Johane Pill half a weight of of wool
to Elizabeth Glide's daughter a weight of wool
to John Rycherds of Norton 10 sheep
to Richard Richerds 2s. 4d. in the hands of brother John Richerds of Aller
to Thomas Adam a heifer
to Sir Robert Lowgh a black horse
to my Lady Rogers a colt
to Mr. Wytcombe my great mare
to Mistress Wytcombe a heifer
to John Richards 4 oxen etc.
I forgive the debts owing by Henry Andrewes, Johane Jurdayne and Mr. Wytcombe
Johane Salweyes wife of Somerton my best kyrtell
to Richard Pullin 20s. of Mr Siddeame's debt
to Alice daughter of William Oribbe a heifer
to the children of Thomas Sparklyn a sheep each
to William Oribbe, son of Tamson Sparklyn a sheep
to Lawrence Baleche a young mare
Lame poor Johane Illarye a russet coat slyves and all
Johane Illary, wife of Illary the clerk a pair of sheets
to John Stegge my servant 2 sheep
to Agnes Richerds a cow
Agnes and Isabell my servants
to Sir Stephen Nurse 6s. 8d.
to John Hyllarde "my lytell boye" two silver spoons
to John Jurdayne my godson a mare
to Margery Jurdayne, daughter of Johan Jurdayne a heifer

Overseer:—Henry Andrewes
Residuary legatees and executors:—Johane Richards, Margaret Hillarde, Thomas Hillarde, John Hillarde, Robert Hillarde, Isabelle Hilliard, Alice Hillarde and John Hillarde
Witnesses:—Sir Stephen Nurse, John Genys, Richard and Elizabeth Glyde, Richard Pope, John Stegg, Henry Trotte and others.1


Thomas White d. bt 1544 - 1549
  • George White2
  • John White2 d. aft. 1551
  • Richard White+3 d. bef. 6 May 1578
  • Alice White3
  • Thomas White3 d. bef. 7 Oct 1551
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