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ChartsAncestors of Edward Ambrose Cooke
Jeen (…), whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), died before 11 February 1661.1

Jeen married (1) Jan Jamptingh, before 1636;2,3 she married (2), as his 2nd wife, George Holmes, before 1640, when their first child was baptized. The ancestries of both men are unknown (or not traced here).1,4

On 8 January 1659, Jeen Hom, as widow of Joris Hom (George Holmes) came to the Orphans Court regarding his estate. As there was no testament, nor yet an inventory, she was ordered to take an inventory of her property and call for assistance two persons of her choice and report back the following Wednesday, "so that the children may have their paternal estate. She promises to do her best."5 When she reappears in court, when asked about the inventory, she dodges the question, answering that she has promised Joris Wolsy and Tomas Hall to give each child at marriage 200 fl. Wolsy and Hall want to take the money into their charge, but she cannot agree to that. The Orphanmasters authorized Wolsy and Hal to make an agreement with the widow for the settlement upon the children of their father's estate and to report back to the board, "and to have a good care of the children and their property.6 26 Feb 1659, Joris Woolsy and Tomas Hall were appointed to look after the children and property, "Therefore, considering the necessity, that a correct inventory of the estate, loeft by deceased, should be made, to prevent harm to the rights and possessions of the children on one side and the widow on the other, the Orphanmasters herewith order and authorize said guardians, to make as soon as possible a correct inventory of all property, movable and immovable, debts and credits of the deceased here in the country and to agree with the widow concerning the paternal inheritance of the children, reporting the same to this Board within 8 days or next Wednesday, the 5th of March."7 The record of that inventory & agreement does not appear in the minutes.

By Feb 1661, Jeen (…) had died and Jan Lauwerens and Joris Wolsy were selected as guardians and administrators to settle the estate "so that the children may obtain the inheritance from their parents" and the two were directed to make an inventory as soon as possible and report back to the Board.8 A month later, 2 Apr 1661, the two oldest children Jan Jemptingh, 25, son of Jene Hom by her first husband, and Priscille Hom, daughter of Jeen, requested that the estate be distributed by selling the house, plantation, and other property. Jan Jemptingh also stated the cattle belonged to him as old Jan had given him 70 fl., for which his mother had bought a cow of which the cattle were the increase. He was instructed to prove it. Wolsey was asked to do his best for the estate and suggested he thought it best to sell the house and lot of George Hom in the City in two parcels. The Orphanmasters granted this authority, as well as to sell the plantation and other property.9 However, it appears the plantation was never sold. In 1671, Gov Lovelace thought the property did not properly belong to anyone and granted it John Manning. However, in 1677, the children of George Holmes applied for a confirmation of their patent, which was granted and the Lovelace patent was recalled.2

In 1662, Mattheus de Vos, pltf as attorney of Joannes van der Meulen v/s Jan Lauwerens and George Wolsey, defts as guardains of the minor ghildren of George Hom, prosecuted an attachment on a cow in the hands of defts, but belonging to Jonas Willemsen, he having married the daughter of George Hom, and also the fourth part of the rent by virtue of an obligation executed by Willemsen. The court messenger stated he had attached the cow, and that it was with Jan Lauwrence's brother [not named]. Defts also stated that Willemsen's wife has passed the obligation. The court ordered the pltfs to look to Willemsen's wife for payment.10 5 Dec 1662, Jacob Janzen Huys and Joannes van der Meulen appeared in court regarding a mortgage executed by Jonas Willems for monies advanced to him which should have paid by exchange in Holland drawn to secure the mortgage on the claim in the inheritance of his wife's parents' estate; and whereas the bill of exchange was not paid in Holland, they demand by virture of preference which they claim to have, that Willemsen's share of the rent of the house and lot within the City be sequestrated and the house sold by execution, and that they look for their payment to certain cows in the hands of Jan Lauwrerens and Joris Wolsy, curators of the estate. The court decreed that pltfs summon Jonas Willemsen's wife by the next court day.11

7 May 1664. Because he had removed from the City, Wolsey asked to be removed from the guardianship of the Homs children, offering to deliver the monies of the estate and indicating Joannes van der Meulen had attached Priscilla Hom's share. The court decreed that Jan Lauwerens would continue as guardian and that Jan Jamping and Priscilla Hom having arrived at their majority would take the place of Joris Wolsey and that the monies belonging to the estate and remaining with Jan Lauwerens would go to repairs of the house and whatever Jan Jampingh and Priscilla Hom may execute against the estate would be done with the advise and consent of Jan Lauwerens.12

Family 1

Jan Jamptingh d. bef. 1640
  • Jan Jamptingh2 b. abt. 1636

Family 2

George Holmes b. bt 1600 - 1610, d. bef. 8 Jan 1659
  • Priscilla Holmes13 b. 27 May 1640
  • Jeurgie Holmes14 b. 1 Jan 1642, d. bef. May 1646
  • William Holmes+1 b. 3 Aug 1644, d. bef. 12 Jul 1731
  • Jeurgie Holmes15 b. 27 May 1646, d. bef. 1661
  • Joris Holmes16 b. 6 Nov 1650, d. bef. 1661
  • John Holmes13 b. 21 Apr 1652
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