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Edward Dix, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, about 1612.1,2 He died at Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 9 July 1660.3,2

Edward married (1) Jane (…), before 1637;2,4,5,1 he married (2) Susanna (…). The ancestry of both wives is unknown (or not traced here).6

Edward Deekes subscribed at the church gathering in Charlestown, 27 Aug 1630 (and must have come in the Winthrop fleet or very soon thereafter). When he subscribed, his name immediately follows Henry Bright, who also went to Watertown. Edward Dixe was admitted freeman 4 Mar 1634/5 where his name is in the midst of other Watertown names. As a proprietor, he was granted what Anderson calls "the usual full sequence of proprietorial lots at Watertown:"
homestall of 11 acres;
2 acres meadow;
3 acres upland;
30 acres Great Dividend;
3 acres Beaverbrook Plowlands;
3 acres Remote Meadows;
10 acres and a half upland;
105 acre farm.

He was named selectman of Watertown, 10 Dec 1649, and a town account of 10 Dec 1651 includes "dike's rate. . . 17s 2d". Also, 22 May 1651, he and three others were fined £4 "for want of a town bushel, upon their requests have their fine remitted." Bond indicates it was in April, it was 10s each, and their failure was "when constables."

Wife Jane is named in the birth records of the four children.

There exists some conjecture that Edward Dix of Watertown may be the same man who embarked at Gravesend, England, bound for Virginia, 16 Jan 1635, age 19. A Jane Wilkinson, age 20 was on the same ship. Anderson points out that it is very unusual for someone bound for Virginia in 1635 to end up in New England. This man is also too young to be a freeman in the same year he arrived, and also not even in New England when Edward of Watertown was admitted freeman in Mar 1634/5.7,8

Edward left a will dated 25 June 1660, and proved 2 Oct 1660, specifying:
"I did receive some estate of my wife that now is to the value of twenty pounds" and ordered that it be paid to her along with £5, and so long as she lives and does not remarry she could reside with his children in his dwelling house and have firewood cut and delivered to her.

ordered that from "all my estate viz: houses, lands both near and remote with two hundred acres of land bought of Ensign Sherman. . . my son John Dikes shall enjoy a double portion with the addition of ten pounds and a mare colt now running in the woods"

"the rest of my estate be equally divided amongst my 3 daughters only my youngest for some consideration not here mentioned shall have twenty shillings more than the rest of her sisters provided also that if the portion that I have given my daughter ["Elizabeth" lined out] Abigaell which is wife to Thomas Parks do not amount to the rest of the sisters that then it shall be made up equal unto the rest of her sisters"

"my son John Diks" sole executor

The inventory was taken 8 Oct 1660 and totaled £254 3s 10d. of which £103 was real estate:
"dwelling house barn and fourteen acres of homestall land," £42
"three acres of meadow in Beaver Brook Meadow," £4
"five acres at Slendergut Meadow," £5
"six acres of meadow at Mr. Saltonstall's farm," £4
"five acres of Remote Meadow," £2 10s
"twenty [acres] of dividend by Thomas Torball's and ten acres by Richard Sawtel's," £15
"six acres of land by John Barnard's," £6
"more nine acres of land by Rich: Sawtel's," £4 10s
"three acres in the further plain," £1 10s
"eighteen acres in lieu of the township," £3
"two hundred acres of land at Esabeth [Assabet] River," £6
"his right in farm land in wattertown," £1 10s

When the will was proved, John chose Sgt. John Wincoll as his guardian as John was only 20 at the time and not of legal age to fulfill his duties as executor.

On 2 Apr 1661, widow Susanna Dix brought suit against Sgt John Wincol and John Dix, executors of Edward, for her dowry. She won her case, claiming one-third rents and the costs, 13s.2

Family 1

Jane (…) b. say 1617, d. aft. 18 Feb 1641/42
  • Abigail Dix2 b. 2 May 1637
  • Mary Dix2 b. 2 May 1639
  • John Dix+2 b. 4 Sep 1640, d. 7 Nov 1714
  • Rebecca Dix2 b. 18 Feb 1641/42

Family 2

Susanna (…) d. aft. 2 Apr 1661
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