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John Abbe, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, in 1613.1 He died at Wenham, Essex Co., Massachusetts, between 1689 and 1690.1

John married (1) Mary (…), about 1635;1,2 he married (2), as her 2nd husband, another Mary (…) at Wenham, 25 November 1674. The ancestry of both wives is unknown (nor not traced here.3

Possibly John Abbe is the same John Abby 22, who, 2 January 1634/35, embarked on the Merchant Bonaventure, James Ricroft, master, out of London bound for Virginia. It's not unheard of for Virginia-bound ships to have dropped off many of their passengers in New England on their way to Virginia.4,5

Regardless if John was on the Merchant Bonaventure in 1635 or not, he was in Salem by "2nd of the 11th month 1636" [2 Jan 1636/7] when "John Abbie is Recd. ffor Inhabitant & is to have one acre lott for a house next beyond the Gunsmiths, and 3 acres of planting ground where the Towne hath appointed beyond Castle Hill."5

Beginning 21 11th mo 1638 21 February 1638/39, John is mentioned in several land records:

21 February 1638/39 granted 5 acres

15th 2d mo 1639 [15 Apr 1639], granted 5 acres near Mr Throgmortons hogge-house.

1638 received 1/2 acre. This grant was apportioned by the number of family members, John having three.

23rd, 11th mo 1642 [23 Jan 1642/3] granted 10 arcres near Kings lot--this was on the Beverly side of Salem near the Bass River.

15th 12th mo.1642 [15 Feb 1642/3], granted 10 acres at Enon in exchange for 10 acres bout near the Bass River. In 1642 the church was organized at Enon under Mr. Fisk, and the next year it's name was changed to Wenham.

13th 6 mo 1644 [13 Aug 1644] given all that wastground which lyeth between the end of his home lot and the meadow which belonged to the town, leaving a poles width "for a way."

3 Apr 1675 he deeded 10 acres to his son Samuel.6

His assessments for the church were about average for the town and he is recorded as having paid them while he resided in Wenham.

He was chosen to set the minister's rate in 1663, and in 1669 and 1671 he was constable (though more likely this was his son John).6

Guilford follows the Abbe Genealogy in stating John dismissed Thomas from John's house and from caring him and his wife for bad behavior. However, there is no evidence given to support that statement. It simply appears that Thomas and his family moved west to Enfield, and was not available to care for John and his wife. Also, at the time, son John was alive and well and the oldest son.

On 1683, John made out what was essentially a living will, witnessed by Samuel Appleton:
Know all men by these presents that I John Abbey (Senr) of Wenham in the County of Essex being sensible of my own and my wives inability to Carry on my affaires So as to prouide for our Comfortable Livelyhood by reason of our age & weakness of Body Attending us by reason thereof Doe make Choice of & Request my son John Abbey as my ffeiofe in trust to take into his hands my house & all my Lands in Wenham together with what right I have in that Land which was sometime Richard Goldsmiths to ocquipie & improue for myn & his muttual Benifit So long as my wife & I or eyther of us shall live: & for his incouringment to maniage my affaires as abovesaid & he provide Comfortably for my owne & my wives maintenance I doe hereby give and Bequeath to him my afforesaid ffeiof all my houses & Lands fforeuer Except what I doe ereby Give out of it to the rest of my Childrin viz Samuell Sarah Marah Rebeca Obadia & Thomas & to each of them as followith viz to Samuell I have alridy Given him a Lott of Land I give him one Shilling more & to all the rest of my Children above mentioned viz Sarah Marah Rebeca Obadia & Thomas two Shillings a peice or to so many of them as shall survive at the decease of my selfe & wife if his heires Shall Continue to maniage & Carry on my affaires as my abovesaid ffeioffe ought to doe then they Shall have the houses and Lands abovesaid as therin ordard & in Confirmation of what is above written I have here unto set my hand & seale Siggned Sealed & Deliverd August the 3 1683 in presence of Thos ffiske Senr, martha ffiske. John Abbey Senr ded acknowledge this writing above written to be his act & deed August ye 3d 1663 before me Samuel Appleton Assistant.7

Family 1

Mary (…) b. bt 1615 - 1620, d. 6 Sep 1672
  • John Abbe1 b. bt 1636 - 1637, d. 11 Dec 1700
  • Sarah Abbe1 b. say 1639
  • Marah Abbe1 b. say 1643, d. 1 May 1726
  • Samuel Abbe1 b. 1646, d. Mar 1697/98
  • Rebecca Abbe1 b. abt. 1647, d. Jun 1704
  • Obadiah Abbe1 b. bt 1647 - 1652, d. 28 Oct 1732
  • Thomas Abbe+1 b. 1656, d. 17 May 1728

Family 2

Mary (…)
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