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Kenelm Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and Magdalene Oliver, was born at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, 29 April 15991 and baptized there, 3 May 1599.1 He died at Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts, 12 September 1672,2 and was buried there the next day.2

Kenelm married, as her 2nd husband, Ellen Newton, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, June 1634.2,3

Kenelm Winslow was not in the 1627 land division at Plymouth, but was there before 1 Jan 1632/3 when he was admitted as a freeman. He later appeared in lists of freemen: for Plymouth Colony, 7 Mar 1636/7; the Plymouth section of the 1639 list, but later marked out and added to the Marshfield section; in the Marshfield section of the 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists.

He had some education, indicated by his will which he signed, and the inventory of his estate, which included 1 Bible and 7 other books, valued at 12s. An apprenticeship record indicates he was a joiner by profession: On 6 Jan 1633/4 "Samuel Jenny, son of John Jenny was apprenticed to Kenelm Winslow, joyner, for four years."

When he married, he put up security to pay James Adams, son of his wife and John Adams, deceased, £5 when he came age and this was done and recorded 26 Dec 1651. Not long after he married, 22 Feb 1635/6, John Gardiner, a servant of Kenelm Winslow, had the rest of his time turned over to George Kenrick.

Up to about the middle of the 1650's, he held various public positions. After that he seemingly disappears from public view. Anderson theorizes that this was about the time his older brothers Edward and John left the scene, that Kenelm owed his limited success to their presence, and once they left, his own abilities were not sufficient to warrant those positions. Among them are:
Plymouth Colony assessor, 27 Mar 1634
Deputy for Marshfield to the Plymouth General Court, 7 Jun 1642, 27 Sep 1642, 29 Aug 1643, 10 Oct 1643, 5 Jun 1644, 20 Aug 1644, 6 Jun 1649, 4 Jun 1650, 5 Jun 1650, 5 Jun 1651, 7 Jun 1652, 7 Jun 1653
Committee on laborers' wages, 5 Jan 1635/6
Coroner's jury, 3 May 1653, 14 Feb 1654/5
Grand jury, 7 Mar 1636/7, 5 Jun 1638, 6 Jun 1654
Committee on provisions for the governor, 3 Jun 1657
Petit jury 7 Jun 1636, 4 Oct 1636
Plymouth member of colony committee on highways, 5 Mar 1638/9
Marshfield constable, 1 Jun 1647

He was not always faithful in his duties, for on 1 Dec 1640, "Kenelme Winslow, being elected surveyor of the highways for the town of Plymouth, and neglecting the same, is fined 10s."

A few years later, he had several adverse instances with the authorities:
On 4 June 1645 "Kenelme Winslow complained that he had injustice, in that he could not be heard in the suit betwixt John Mynard and himself"; after investigation by the court, he "was committed to prison and fined £10," whereupon he reversed himself and was released from prison and the fine was eventually remitted.

On 5 May 1645/6 "upon hearing of the cause betwixt Roger Chaundler and Kenelme Winslow, for his daughter's clothes, which the said Kenelme detaineth, upon pretense of some further service which he required of her, whereunto the said Roger utterly refused to consent, it is ordered by the Court, that the said Kenelme Winslow shall deliver the maid her clothes without any further delay."

On the same day "Kenelme Winslow, for opprobrious words against the church of Marshfeild, saying they were all liars, &c., was ordered by the Court to find sureties for his good behavior, which he refusing to do, was committed to prison, where he remained until the General Court following."

In another instance, 7 Mar 1653/4 he complained against John Soule for speaking falsely of his daughter and scandalizing her in carrying false reports between her and Josias Standish.

His property is mentioned or referred to through deeds and tax records:
He was assessed 12s. in the Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633, and 18s. in the list of 27 March 1634

On 8 January 1632/3 "Francis Eaton acknowledgeth that he hath sold to Kanelm & Josias Wynslow the now dwelling house of the said Francis."

On 22 Jan 1633/4 Josias sold his share of the 8 Jan 1632/3 property to Love Brewster, the whole lot to be divided between Kenelm and Love provided that Kenelm should have "that part next adjoining to his brother Josias upon the lands there were granted upon."

Granted mowing ground, 14 March 1635/6, 20 March 1636/7.

Granted "threescore acres of land lying upon the south side of the Eele River, above the great swamp. . . . This grant was made void upon a grant made to him at Green's Harbor," 6 January 1636/7.

On 5 February 1637/8 "Kenelme Winslow requesteth a grant of lands at Green's Harbor."

On 5 March 1637/8 he received, in partnership with Love Brewster, "all that parcel of land remaining of that neck of land lying on the east side of the lands lately granted to Josias Winslow, at Greene's Harbor."

On 26 October 1647 "Mr. Hatherley here in Court acknowledgeth that Helene, the wife of Kanelme Winslow, acknowledgeth her free assent and consent to the sale of all such lands as her husband had sold unto Samuell Sturdevant. Captain Miles Standish" deposed the same regarding her consent to sales to Henry Sampson.

Granted one hundred acres at Teticutt, 4 March 1673/4 (pursuant to an order of June 1662).

He was one of the 26 original proprietors of Freetown, Massachusetts, purchased from the Indians 2 Apr 1659.

He is probably the same Kenelm Winslow named in a suit tried at New York in Jun 1665 regarding the sale of a bark to Mr. Fatch, in a suit of Doughty vs Kenelm Winslow, and a suit of Kenelm Winslow vs Samuel Moore.4,5,2

Kenelm left a will dated 8 August 1672, proved 5 June 1673, "Kanelme Winslow Senior" ordered that
"what estate I have formerly settled on my eldest son Kanelme . . . shall remain unaltered"

to "my son Nathaniel . . . the half of my farm that I last lived upon . . . as I gave him by a former deed of gift";

"and the other half of the farm to my wife, for the term of her natural life" and "after the decease of my wife Ellinor Winslow the said half of the farm shall return unto my son Nathaniel";

to "my son Job . . . half of my land at Namassakett which is about fifty acres . . . and the other fifty acres or thereabouts unto Kanelme Baker my grandchild";

to "my daughter Ellinor" £5;

"my wife shall at her decease give unto Mary Addams an equal portion of the goods and moveables as to the rest of my grandchildren";

wife to be sole executrix and "Major Josias Winslow and my son Kanelme Winslow" to be overseers.

The inventory of his estate , taken 25 September 1672, totalled £87 15s. 4d; the listing of real estate, unvalued, shows
"one half of the dwelling house and housings and meadow lands and uplands belonging to the said farm he had lived on and now died possessed of in the town of Marshfield";

"one half of all the lands granted him by the Court with the ancient freemen which lieth on the west side of Taunton River either divided or to be divided hereafter";

"one half of the portion of land granted by the court to him and his brother Josias Winslow upon the account of their brother Gilbert Winslow as he was a first comer."2


Ellen Newton d. 5 Dec 1681
  • Kenelm Winslow+2 b. abt. 1635, d. 11 Nov 1715
  • Eleanor Winslow2 b. abt. 1637, d. 27 Aug 1676
  • Nathaniel Winslow2 b. abt. 1639, d. 1 Dec 1719
  • Job Winslow2 b. abt. 1641, d. 14 Jul 1720
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