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Richard Linton, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, between 1585 and 1590.1 He died at Lancaster, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 20 March 1665.2

Richard married Elizabeth (…), whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at England, after 1614.1,3

Richard Linton probably had two wives, and perhaps married Elizabeth while still in England. Although a Richard Lynton is recorded in Massachusetts in 1630, this appears to be a younger man, probably a servant on the Mathew Craddock plantation. Richard Linton of Watertown and Lancaster had daughters who married in the 1630's and was a much older man.

His daughter Ann is named in two deeds. The second daughter is deemed to be named Rachel by reasoning explained by Holman in the Stevens-Miller Genealogy.

"Richard Linton of Watertowne granted unto Robert Sanderson of the same (for valuable considerations received) his dwellng House & lott in Watertowne & this was by an absolute deed of sale dated 7th month 1645. Testifiyed uppon oath by Laurence Waters (his soone in lawe & one of the witnesses) by order from he said Linton, 6th (10) 1646."

He deeded some of his property to his daughter Ann in 1659/60, though the deed was not recorded until 6 Oct 1674, probably after the death of Elizabeth when her property rights would be ended. Holman suggests the deeds of gift may indicate Elizabeth was not the mother of the children and probably had some property agreement when she married Richard.
"I Richard Linton of Lanchaster do bestow uto my daughter Ann Waters the wife of Lawrence Waters of the same towne tenne acres of land in the North part of my house lott . . . also one acker more. . . which is apart of my Orchard adjoyning unto the house lott of the abovesaid Lawrence Waters and also all the fruit trees (reserving fruit for self and wife and use of the orchard land for their lives). . . I also give unto my abovesaid Daughter Anna Waters four ackers of intervale . . . at the planters" (adjacent to sd Lawrence Waters & which was given him the said Richard Linton by the towne in consideration of a highway), 13 Mar. 1659,
Signed Elizabeth Linton, by mark, George Benet, Lydia Benet,
Wit: Steven Gates; Jacob Farrer"

He made a final disposition of all his property by deed of gift, and left no will:
I Richard Lenton of Lancaster do make this my deed of gift in manner & form as follows:

First I give to George Bennet, & Lydia his wife (my Grand child) fourty & five Acres of land lying at ye south end of bare hill. . .  & eight acres of Enterveile land . . . to them, their heeres or assignes. for ever.

Further I do give to ye abovesaid Lydia Bennet: six Acres of the East end of my houselot, & ten Acres of my enterveile lot at Quasaponakin, next unto ye gate as it is begun to be broken up. . . & also ye Meadow I call my little meadow, like wise one halfe of ye Commons & Commanage belonging to me: these I do give her to have & to hold from ye day of ye dte hereof, for ye terme of her naturall life.

& ye remainder of my house lot & orchard (excepting one Acre of it wch formerly by deed of gift I have given to my daughter Anne, now wife of Laurence Waters) dwelling house, barne, or hout housing, with ye other ten Acres of my intervaile Lot, with ye rest of my meadow, (wch I reserve for myselfe & my wife for the terme of or naturall life) I ye said Richard Lenton, & Elisabeth my wife, Doe give with this proviso, viz:

yt if wee Richard Lenton, & Elizabeth my wife, or either of us, so long as wee shall live, do fall into such a condition yt for or maintenance, wee Shld have need to sell or mortgage, the whole or part, the said Lydia Bennet or grandchild shll have the refusall of it, but if yr bee no such need, wee as aforesaid to give to ye said Lydia, & to enter in possession thereof after or Deaths, & to enjoy ye same till such time as John Bennet, son & heire of George Bennet abovesaid shall be of the full age of nineteen yeers, at which time hee shall enter into possession of the said remainder of my house lot, wth my orchard (but wt is excepted) dwelling house, barn or other housing, wth ye ten Acres of my intervaile lot, the rest of my meadow, wth halfe of the Commonage. belonging to me . . . & if living at ye deaths of his father and mother, George & Lydia . . . then to enter into possession . . . 

But if ye said John Bennet decease without heire lawfully begotten, ye said lands, rights, & titles shall passe in ye same manner abovesaid to ye other children of the fore named Lydia Bennet, they to be coheirs: but if ye said Lydia dye without heire, male or femaile lawfully begotten ye said lands (etc.) given by me, ye said Richard Lenton to my grandchild Lydia Bennet, & her lawfull Heires, I doe give to my daughter Anne Waters, wife to Lawrence Waters, & her heirs lawfully begotten, & so for want of heirs, alwayes to ye next lawfull heir of ye same lineage:

& for my mooveable goods, wt is reserved after my death, & ye deat of my Wife, I give to George Bennet & Lydia Bennet his Wife.,

In confirmation of which deed of gift I hereunto set my hand. this 7th of 11th mo 1662."

Wit Roger Summner, Nathaniell Joccelin his mark
Richard Linton his mark.1,4

Family 1

  • Rachel Linton1 b. abt. 1612, d. 28 May 1657
  • Ann Linton+1 b. abt. 1614, d. 6 Feb 1680

Family 2

Elizabeth (…) d. abt. 1674
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