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John Leach, son of Lawrence Leach and Elizabeth Mileham, was born probably shortly before his baptism at Sonning, Berkshire, England, 29 September 1616.1,2,3 He died at Essex Co., Massachusetts, after 26 January 1684/85.1

John married Sarah Conant, daughter of Roger Conant and Sarah Horton, at Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts, before 1648.1,4,3

Anderson (GMB) holds that the details of this John Leach are unclear as there are several men named John Leach in the area at the time, and F. Phelps Leach made a mess of the Leach descendants in his genealogy (1924). One problem area is identifying the children of the two brothers, John and Richard. Both had wives named Sarah who joined the First Church of Salem in 1648 and most of the baptism records from 1648 to 1669 only show "sister Leach" as the parent, the husbands apparently not being church members at the time. A few of these records do have the father's name, and both John and Richard appear.

John is named as parent in 1652 (Sarah), 1660 (Remember & Hannah), 1665 (to be found), and 1669 (Elizabeth) although this last seems to be a daughter of John3 (Richard2, Lawrence1 ).

Richard is named as parent only in 1662 (Hannah). All others are given as "Sister Leach".

Mary (1654) is probably the "kinswoman" in her Uncle Lot's will of 24 Sep 1674. In his will dated 1 March 1677/8 Roger Conant names his daughter Sarah and her children John and four unnamed daughters (surname not given), and also leaves Mary Leech one sheep (relationship not specified).5,1,2

John Leach had a grant of land at Salem in 1637 near that of his brother Richard. He was also listed as a grantees and claimants of Narraganset, No. 5 New Bedford etc., Boston, "soldier grantee John Leach; claimant, John's son John."


Sarah Conant b. say 1623, d. Jun 1662
  • John Leach+6 b. 19 Sep 1648
  • Sarah Leach6 b. 19 Sep 1648, d. bt 1649 - 1650
  • Sarah Leach7 b. 6 Jun 1652
  • Mary Leach8 b. 3 Sep 1654
  • Richard Leach8 b. 15 Jun 1656, d. bef. 1700
  • Remember Leach9 b. 3 Sep 1660
  • Hannah Leach9 b. 3 Sep 1660
  • (…) Leach10 b. Jun 1662
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