Reverend Christopher Youngs

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Reverend Christopher Youngs, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England, about 1575.1,2 He died at Southwold, Suffolk, England, 14 June 1626,1 and was buried in the Church Chancel, Southwold, Suffolk, England, 16 June 1626.1

Christopher married Margaret (…), whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), say 1597.1,3

Reverend Christopher Youngs entered Emanuel College, Cambridge, 25 Apr 1593 and ordained a priest at Norwich Cathedral, 25 April 1600 at age 25.

On 14 January 1611, Reverend Christopher Youngs was inducted in to the living of Reydon and Southwold.

The parish register (p.61) includes an account of a river accident that resulted in the drowning deaths of 22 persons, including Young's daughter, Elizabeth. Selah Youngs also states a son Edward also drowned that day, but his name is not included in the transcript of the register entry:
The names of those that were drowned and fonde againe: they were drowned in Ochaven comeing from Donwick fayer on St. James daye in a bote by raason of one cable layeing over wart the haven for by rason the men that brought them downe was so negligent that when they were redie to come a shore the bote broke lose and so the force of the tide carried the bote against the cable and so overwhelmed: the number of them were XXIItie; but they were not all found. The widow Robson, Joan Bootes, Marye Yewell, Susan Frost, Margaret Blackbourne and the widow Langley were all buried upon the 26 daie of July being all cast away come in from the Donwick fayer on St. James Daye.
Widow Foster was buried the 27 daie of Julie
Bennet Allen was buried the 30 daie.
Goodie Herison was buried the same daie
Mistress Ward and Elizabeth Younges daughter to Mr. Younges Vicar and minister was buried the 31 daie of Julye. All these were found againe in this towne and buried.1,2

Christopher left a will dated 21 November [without a year] and proved 5 July 1626:
To wife Margaret all lands &c for Life
Then to my six children John, Joseph, Christopher, Mary, Margaret and Martha.
To eldest son all my books except some English books such as my wife or my other children shall choose out for their use, one or two apiece.
To John and Thomas Younges my grandchildren, to each a silver spoon.
Wife Margaret and Johnn Smith and Thomas Elliot of Southwold to be executors.4

A monumental brass (about 8 x 15") is set in the chancel floor at the church at Southwold"
Here lyeth Interred ye Body of Mr. Christopher
Younges who depted this life ye 14 day of ivne
anno Domini, 1626,
A Good Man Fvll of Fayth was hee
Here preacher of Gods word
and Manie by his ministrie
weare added to the Lord. (Act. II24.1


Margaret (…) d. bef. 5 Nov 1630
  • Elizabeth Youngs1 b. say 1599, d. 11 Jul 1626
  • Reverend John Youngs+1 b. abt. 1601, d. 24 Feb 1671/72
  • Edward Youngs1 b. say 1602, d. 11 Jul 1626
  • Joseph Youngs1 b. 22 Oct 1605, d. bef. 15 Sep 1658
  • Mary Youngs1 b. 7 Aug 1607, d. abt. 1638
  • Margaret Youngs1 b. 28 Nov 1608, d. aft. 27 Oct 1630
  • Christopher Youngs1 b. 11 Oct 1610, d. bef. 8 Jul 1647
  • Martha Youngs1 b. 1 Jul 1613
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