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Simon Hoyt, son of Michael Hoyt and Agnes (…), was born at England, say 1593.1 He died at Stamford, Connecticut, 1 September 1657.2

Simon married (1) Jane Stoodlie, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here) at Dorset, England, 4 November 1617;3,4 he married (2) Susanna (…), whose parents are not known (or are not traced), at Massachusetts, before 1632.1,5

Simon Hoyt emmigrated probably in 1629. See Hoyt, p. 287-8 for a discussion of the dating problem in the first records of Charlestown and the association of Simon and others who first settled there. More recent research shows that the precise date of his arrival and which ship he was on are quite unknown, that he did not originate in the same area in England as the Stowers & Sprague families, and his association with those families at Charlestown seems to have been entirely coincidental.

His name appears only once in the Charlestowne records, in the list of first settlers:
The Inhabitants that first setled in this place & brought it into the demomination of An English Towne were in Anno 1628 as follo: vizt. Ralph Sprague, Richd Sprague, William Sprague, John Mech, Simon Hoyte, Abra: Palmer, Walter Pamer, Nicholas Stowers, John Stickline, Tho: Walford (smith that lived here alone before), Mr. Graves (who had charge of some of the servts of the Company of Patentees with whom hee built the great house this yeare for such of the sd Company as are shortly to come over which afterwards became the Meeting house), and Mr: Bright (Minister tot he Comanies Servants), by whome it was Jointly agreed & concluded that this place on the north side of Charles River by the natives called mishawum shall henceforth from the name of the River bee called Charlestowne, whch was also confirmed by Mr Jon Endicutt Governour.

However, that was the only record of him at Charlestown. Shortly thereafter, beginning in 1633, his name appears several times at Dorchester. On 3 Apr 1633, he was listed as having two cows and was required to put up 40 feet of fence on the marsh. On 6 Oct 1633, Symon Hoyte was one of two appointed to "see to the fences . . . for the east field." On 6 Jan 1633/4, the marsh was divided between him and two others and on 24 May 1634, Symon Hoyte was one of two appointed to watch the fences of the north field. On 2 Jun 1634, another marsh was divided between him and two others. On 10 Feb 1634, he was on a list for havng one bull, but by 17 Apr 1635, His meadow was divided between Rodger Williams and Gyles Gibbes. He probably left Dorchester between the last two dates, as he no longer appears on the Dorchester records.

By early April 1635, he and his family were in Scituate, joining the church on 19 April. "Goodman Haites" house was built there between September 1634 and October 1636. He disappears from the Scituate records after 1636, but his name does not appear in the first book of land records in Windsor, Connecticut, until 28 Feb 1640:
Symon Hoyt hath granted from the Plantation, for meadow and upland, adjoyning fourscore acres, more or les, bounded west by wm. Hill fro the River back one hundred and twenty rodd to the west, uppon the south it bounds fro wm. Hills lott along by the Rivulett untill it coms to Mathias Sentions meadow & then it turns about uppon the east and bounds by the said meadow in a streight lyne fro the river six rodd and then it turns agayne upon the south behind the end of Mathias Sention & Bagget Egglestons meadow, untill it coms to Elias Parkemans, and the Town Swampe and Elias Pareman's meadow bounds it east, untill that com to the foote of the hill in a streight lyne and fro thence it turns & bounds upon the north untill it coms to the utmost end of will Hills lott.

Also on the north side of the rivulett four score acres, thirty of which is given his son Walter Hoyt fro the Towne, that lyes neere the falls in the rivulett; it is in length fro the river back a hundred and twenty rodd, in breadth a hundred twenty six rodd, bounded every way by the Comon.

As depicted in the History of Windsor, this land was away from the rest of the settlers, and Simon and Walter were freed from "watch and ward" duties (guard duty, night and day respectively). Simon sold this land, known as Hoyt's meadow, in 1646, to Wm. Thrall. This parcel included dwelling-house, barn, etc., and Simon probably removed to Fairfield about this time or shortly after.

Simon had two children born in Windsor, and one child that died in 1647, though this may have been a child of Walter. The History of Dorchester calls him a deacon or elder at the Windsor church, but there is no other record or authority for that statement. He sold some, if not all his Windsor lands and dwellings in 1646.

He next appears at Fairfield, being granted a home lot and several plots totaling about 24 acres on 6 Mar 1649:
Granted unto Simon Hoitt from the Towne one home lott Contayning two Acres and half more or less, bounded on the southwest with the land of Georg of Godwin, on the southeast with a hieway, on the northeast with the land of John Tomson, on the northwest with the Common.

Alsoe in Sascoe neck, on the Iland Comonly Called Hoits Iland, one parcell of land contayning five Acres and half more or less, bounded on the west with the land of John Tomson, on the south with a marsh, on the east with a marsh, on the north with a brook.

Alsoe in the feald Comonly called Winser feald seven Acres more or less, bounded on the wst with a hieway, on the south with the land of John Wheeller, on the east with the marsh or meadow of Daniell fince, on the north with the land of Timothy Foard & Nathan Gold.

Also in Saconeck in the meadowe above the bridge commonly called the new bridg one parcell of meadowe contayning eight Acres and half more or less, bounded on the east with the Creek, on the north with the land of Nathan Gould, on the west with the land of Richard [Perry?], on the south with the land of Thomas Dickerson.

That same date (6 Mar 1649), he also purchased from John Green, (1) a home lot of three acres, "bounded on the southwest with the land of henery Whelply, on the northwest with a hieway, on the northeast with the land of John Banks, on the southeast with the land of John Nichols and Nathaniell Baldwin," and (2) five more lots, including ten acres in the "newfeald." These were all recorded the same day, but may have been purchased earlier as Simon had left Windsor in 1646. Just after Simon died, Thomas Lyon recorded his purchase from Simon of a parcel in the "newfeild," bounded by land of John Hoyt on the north.

He seems to have moved to Stamford between 1649 and 1657 as that is where his probate records are, but there are no land records that show him either selling his holdings in Fairfield, or purchasing new lands in Stamford.6,7,8,1,9,3

Simon Hoyt died intestate, but the inventory was taken [O]cto 9: 57 (9 October 1657) but not presented until 24: 3 mo 1659 [24 May 1659]. As indicated in the Hoyt Ancestry, the Stamford probate records are worn, torn, and partially illegible, especially the right columns of shillings and pence. The end of the paper appears to be missing showing an incomplete listing of the debts and without a net total:
[O]cto 9: 57 An Inventory of ye Estate of Simon Hoyte taken by ff[illegible] Rich Law

Entry 24: 3 mo 1659

Impmus 8 Cowes 15-
It [Item] 2 oxen 15-
It 4 : 2 : years 10-
It 1 : 3 : year old com tine 03-
It 1 yearl-g 01-
It one Horse 10-0
It one mare & Colt 20-0
It one yearl-g colt with time 12- 0 - 0
It p Land 30-0-0
It one Homelote & a mill 30- 0 - 0
It in puter 01-
It in brass, 1: pan 1 : pot, 1 : mortter, 2 : cittills 02-
It in Iron, 1 : pot, 2 lesser pots 03
It more Iron, axes, howes Chaines 05
It armes, 1 gun, 3 swords 2 : barrells 02-08
It in woollen Cloathes 05-06
It one hat & lether Jacket 00-07
It one paire sheets & 43 yards new cloth 07-09
It too Chests, 2 wheeles 01-02
It in Coops ware 01-03
It in Turners ware 00-03
It three Earthen pots 00-
It one sadle & roapes & tow comes 01-
It in beding 06-
It [sivory?] &c marking Iron 00-
It one colter & old Iron 00-
It in Indian Corn, 10 : bushells 01-
It 25 bushells wheat 05-
It 80 : ib : of tobaca 01-
It cart & plow & wheeles 02-
It two yoaks 00-
It in Debts, Due 05-
It in Hey six load 05-
It in pease 40 bushells 07-
It 14 swine 20-
It 2 hides 00-

[total] 233-

It in Debts ow-g 01
It oweing 25 bushells wheat 05-
It owing 00-

Receipts from 1662, 1665, and 1666 were signed by Samuel Firman, "Moses hoyte of ye plantation of west chester," Samuel Hoyte, Samuel Finch for his wife, and Benjamin Hoyte, acknowledging theyhad received from their brother, Joshua Hoyte, their full portion of the estate of their father, Simon Hoyte. "joen hoyte" witnessed Moses' signature, but receipts for the remaining children are missing.

On "1 12mo: Anno: 1674" the children of the second wife divided the estate of their mother, Susanna, who had married a Bates (likely Robert Bates who died in 1675):
Witnes these presents an agreement made & concluded between us viz: Moses Hoyt, Joshua Hoyt, Samuell Hoyt, Benjamin hoyt, Thomas Lyon, Samuel Finch, Samuel Firman consering the distrbution of the Estate of our deceased mother Susanna Bates, the contents followeth

That Moses Hoyt receive of Joshua hoyt the Just sum of four pounds, thirteen shillings & sixpence which the said Joshua doth agree to pay. & Samuel Hoyt to have the beding in his hands & the horse & wels is in his hands. Benjamin Hoyt to have the ten pounds left in his hands by our mother Susanna aforesaid. Thomas Lyon & Samuel Finch to have the horses & mares young and old runing in the woods of norwake equally between us, & twenty shillings to each of us, paid by our brother Joshua Hoyt which the said Joshua agrees unto.

Samuel Firman to have the horses & mares running in fairfeeld limitts, & twenty shillings more paid by our brother Joshua hoyt unto me. The Residue of the Estate of our foresaid mother remaining in the hands of our brother Joshua Hoyt being four pounds thirteen shillings & six pence, which the said Joshua to have as his pte in the distribution of the foresaid Estate mutually agreed unto.--The distribution as above of the Estate of our mother Amongst us to our mutuall satisfaction, in consideration whereof we the above named doe hereby Joyntly & severally release, discharge & aquit our brother Joshua Hoyt, & one another from all & any further demands of any right, title or interest in the Estate aforesaid, & from all & any trouble or molestation in & about the same.

Joyntly desiring that this our agreement may be commited to publique record for the further establishment of the same, further more it is agreed by us fore-named that if there shall arise any Just debts due fro our mother in her widdow-hood that wee or any of us know not of, that wee the forenamed will contrybute equally to the payment of the said debt. In witness of truth unto the premises wee the ptyes forenamed doe bind our selves firmly, as witnes our hands this 1th 12mo: Anno: 1674

Signed thus:
     Moses Hoyt
     Joshua hoyt
     Samuell Hoyt
     Benjamin Hoyt
     Thomas Lyon
     Samuell Finch
     Samuell Firman

     Abrahan Finch
     Jonas Seely.10

Family 1

Jane Stoodlie d. abt. 1627
  • Walter Hoyt+1 b. 29 Nov 1618, d. Jan 1699
  • Nicholas Hoyt1 b. 7 May 1620, d. 7 Jul 1655
  • Alexander Hoyt1 b. 28 Dec 1623
  • John Hoyt1 b. say 1625, d. 1684
  • Agnes Hoyt1 b. 16 Oct 1626

Family 2

Susanna (…) d. 1674
  • Mary Hoyt1 b. say 1632
  • Moses Hoyt1 b. say 1634, d. 1712
  • Joshua Hoyt+1 b. say 1639, d. 1690
  • Miriam Hoyt1 b. say 1641
  • Deacon Samuel Hoyt+1 b. abt. 1643, d. 7 Apr 1720
  • Benjamin Hoyt1 b. 2 Feb 1645, d. 26 Jan 1736
  • Sarah Hoyt1 b. say 1647, d. 19 Mar 1713
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