Benjamin Newberry

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Benjamin Newberry, son of Thomas Newberry and Joane Dabinott, was born at England, say 1623.1,2 He died at Windsor, Connecticut, 11 September 1689.1

Benjamin married Mary Allyn, daughter of Matthew Allyn and Margaret Wyatt, at Windsor 11 June 1646.2,1,3

In 1636 his step-mother married Rev. John Warham and moved to Windsor where Benjamin and the other young Newberry children were raised.

10 October 1640, he and his siblings had granted to them certain lands for the rights of Thomas Newberry in the Windsor plantation. Benjamin received a homelot of 13 acres, a meadow lot of four acres in the Great Meadows, one acre of meadow in Podunk, and a lot in South Windsor ten rods wide extending back easterly a length of three miles from the Connecticut River. Later, he would add to his holdings by an inheritance from his brother, John, several purchases, a gift from his father-in-law, and a grant of 250 acres in October 1667, from the Connecticut General Court, and thereby became a large landowner in the Windsor area and accumulated a large estate.

Beginning in 1656 he was active in public life and civic affairs and remained so for the rest of his life. He was a selectman from 1656-1661 and 1671-1672. He was assessor in 1663 and 1687. From May 1656 to October 1684 he was deputy to the Connecticut General Court in fifty semi-annual sessions. From May 1669 through May 1684 he was annually appointed a commissioner or magistrate for Windsor. In May 1685 he was elected assistant of the Colony, remaining in that office (except during the Andros usurpation of October 1687 through May 1689) until his death. During his long career he served on many important committees.

He was also active in the Windsor military company, being appointed:
Ensign, 1655
Lieutenant, 1658
Captain, 7 Jun 1680
Major, 3 Sep 1689. This rank was in the Hartford County regiment of militia.

The Connecticut General Court appointed to him to a Council of War at sessions in July 1666, June 1672, August 1673, and November 1673 and he served through Spring 1677. The council had general charge of military matters in Connecticut.

During King Philip's War he went on active field service: On 20 May 1676 he was appointed commander of a small company (80 men), raised in Hartford, which marched to Northampton, Massachusetts for garrison duty in protecting western Massachusetts towns from Indian attacks.4,1

He died intestate, and on 11 November 1689, in granting administration to his son Benjamin, the court specified this distribution:
"all the lands his father stood posest at his decease to be to him [Benjamin] & his heires & assignes for euer except the Two Miles in length of wood land of Miles Humpheries land that was, which we alott to Thomas Newberys sons & order to the daughter of Major Newbery forty fower pownds apeice with what they haue allready receiued what is due to Ephraim Hayward wife is to be secured for his Two children when they come of age."5


Mary Allyn b. 20 Jan 1627/28, d. 29 Jul 1689
  • Mary Newberry+1 b. 10 Mar 1647
  • Sarah Newberry1 b. 14 Jun 1650, d. 3 Oct 1716
  • Hannah Newberry1 b. 22 Dec 1652, d. 21 Sep 1663
  • Rebecca Newberry1 b. 2 May 1655, d. 17 Oct 1718
  • Thomas Newberry1 b. 1 Sep 1657
  • Abigail Newberry1 b. 14 Mar 1659, d. 29 Feb 1715/16
  • Margaret Newberry1 b. 23 Oct 1662
  • Benjamin Newberry1 b. 20 Apr 1669
  • Hannah Newberry1 b. 1 Jul 1673
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