Emanuel Cocker

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Emanuel Cocker, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born say 1710.1 He died, probably at Mississippi, after 1772.1,2

Emanuel married Sarah Buckingham, daughter of Thomas Buckingham and Margaret Griswold, about 1734.3,4

Emmanuel is one of the petitioners for a new charter for Trinity (Episcopal) Church of Newark. The charter was granted by King George II, 10 Feb 1746.

He witnessed the Will of Thomas Davis, 27 May 1738, was named as creditor in the estate of John Cochran in 1747, and by the name "Mr. Cocker," was listed as a creditor to another estate in 1748.

He appears throughout one volume of Essex County Court Minutes, 1740-1752, where he is shown as surveyor of highways for Newark township, a creditor admitted by the court, and judging from his numerous court appearances, almost always seeking judgement from others, he may have been a bail bondsman. He is mentioned once or twice early in the next volume, but then suddenly disappears from the record.

"Emanual Cocker formerly of New Jersey" purchased 150 acres in Anson Co., North Carolina, 12 January 1754 for £24 in "Virginia money." It was part of a 300 acre grant to Samuel Hough on the south side of the Great Pee Dee on Brown Creek. He sold the same property 1 Dec 1772: "Anthony Hutchins (Fort Natchez, province of West Florida) to Dennis McClendon (Anson Co.) for £27 sold 150 acres on the South side of the great Pee Dee River and on Brown Creek. Border begins at a pine on SE side of the creek and crosses the creek; sold in behalf of and due to power of attorney from Immanuel Cocker ("late" of Anson Co.) to A Hutchins; Part of 300 acres granted 16 Apr 1750 (at New Bern) by the King to Samuel Hough who sold (date blank) to Rowland Williams who sold 12 Jan 1754 to Immanuel Cocker. (signed) Anthony Hutchins; wit. James Pickett & Jesse McClendon; wit (no date) by J. Pickett; book B2 p. 89."5,6,7,2,8,9

In 1767, Emanuel Cocker, doctor, of St David's parish, Craven County was named in two releases of a 250 acre plantation. The county is now defunct, but that parish area is in the "knee" of the North Carolina-South Carolina border, and borders Anson County, and Emanuel is probably the same man of Anson County and later of Natitoches, West Florida.10


Sarah Buckingham b. 3 Jan 1710
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