Margery Roberts

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Margery Roberts, daughter of John Roberts and Margaret (…), was born probably shortly before her baptism at Brenchley, Kent, England, 24 April 1564.1 She died after 8 February 1621/22.2

Margery married Richard Sheafe, son of Thomas Sheafe and Mary Harmon, at Cranbrook, Kent, England, 8 January 1581.2,3


Richard Sheafe b. bt 1558 - 1559, d. bt 8 Feb 1622 - 30 Jan 1627
  • Joan Sheafe2,3 b. 13 Jan 1583
  • Katherine Sheafe2,3 b. 20 Dec 1584
  • Thomas Sheafe2,3 b. 5 Jun 1587
  • Elizabeth Sheafe2,3 b. 26 Oct 1589
  • Anne Sheafe2,3 b. 20 Feb 1592
  • Mary Sheafe2,3 b. 1 Apr 1593
  • Richard Sheafe2,3 b. 12 Oct 1595
  • Margaret Sheafe+2,3 b. 21 May 1598, d. 26 Apr 1682
  • Elline Sheafe2,3 b. 13 Dec 1601
  • Harmon Sheafe2,3 b. 12 Oct 1606
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