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Daniel Abbott, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at England about 1606.1,2 He died at Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island, in 1647.2,3,1

Daniel married Mary (…), whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), say 1631.1,2,4

Daniel Abbott was in Cambridge by 1630 when he requested freeman status on 19 October and was admitted 18 May 1631. Oddly, at the same time he was admitted, "Daniell Abbott is fined 5s. for refusing to watch, & for other ill behavior showed towards Captain Pattricke." The fine was later remitted in a general amnesty of 6 September 1638. He appears in several Cambridge land records up to 1636. In 1639, the Massachusetts Bay General Court noted that he had gone to New Providence. A record made in 1680 shows that Daniel was a proprietor of Providence:
"that wheras there is no record in our town book now found extant that Daniell Abbott formerly inhabitant in this town of Providence, deceased, was an equal proprietor with the rest of the purchasers within the township thereof, though known to this town to be a purchaser with them. This town doth thereupon order & it is hereby ordered that Daniell Abbott his son and heir by right of succession, be now recorded a purchaser in his father's room & stead."

In 1673, a grant was made "unto Daniel Abott and Thomas Wallin two lots together." This grant may have been made in right of the deceased, elder Daniel Abbott, his son and son-in-law being the only two living heirs.

A list of burials was made in 1680 indicating Daniel had been buried in 1647. He was certainly dead by July 1650 when Nicholas Power and Gregory Dexter were orderd to "take the goods belonging to the children of Daniel Abbot deceased into their hands & take notice of the goats, & also care of them, to see to the disposal of them & bring in a list into the town, & record them." A year later Thomas Harris and Nicholas Power were ordered to "equally divide the goats & goods, & what else that belongs unto the two orphans of Daniel Abbot deceased, & possess Thomas Walling, husband of Mary Abbot, the daughter of the said deceased with one half of the said goats, goods, &c., & the other half to order for Daniel Abbot, the son of the said deceased best advantage."

Anderson points out that the proposed English origin and ancestry of Daniel Abbott in Lemuel Abbott's Descendants of George Abbot of Rowley, Mass. . . . should be ignored as it has no documentary basis.2,1


Mary (…) d. abt. 1643
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