Daniel Abbott

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Daniel Abbott, son of Daniel Abbott and Mary (…), was born say 1635.1 He died at Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island, 1709.

Daniel married, as her 3rd husband, Margaret White, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Providence, 25 December 1678.2

It's somewhat difficult to understand Daniel's motivation behind marrying Margaret. After all, she was the "other woman" who caused such grief and humiliation for his sister Mary. That said, it possible that Daniel wanted to recover the half of his father's estate that went to Thomas Walling when he married Mary. Whatever Daniel's motivation, it appears he regretted it:

"Whereas my wife Margrett through her Maddnes of folly & Turbulency of her Currupt will, hath often Threatened to Ruinate my family, Routeing me (as she saith) of horse & Foote, Destroying me Root & Branch, puttoing out one of her owne Eyes to putt out Both mine, & sett my house on fire: And is snice departed from me takeing away my Children without my Consent. And as I have been Enformed, is now plotting mischeife with some, of her Turbulent Spirritt, that when I am Absent from home to Rifle my house & take away my Goodes, to accoumplish her Divelish Resolution against me.

"These are therefore, not only to advise, but alsoe to Charge all persons vpon theire P[e]rill to forbare any such illegal proceedings, And alsoe do heareby foreworne, & forbid all persons whatsoever, to forbare Baraineing with, Contracting of Debts, or Receiveing any part of my Estate of my sd wife Margrett without my approbation.

He published this petition 7 Aug 1683, and it was entered on the town record 28 Jan 1683/4. Daniel was the town clerk which may have made it easier to get it into the public record.

He and Margaret apparently reconciled, at least to some extent, and she was provided for in his will of 1700.3


Margaret White b. say 1641, d. aft. 1717
  • Mary Abbott4 b. 13 Dec 1679
  • Daniel Abbott4 b. 25 Apr 1682, d. 7 Nov 1760
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