Jeremiah Robinson

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Jeremiah Robinson, son of Dr. Jeremiah Robinson and Lydia Norris, was born at Littleton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 4 April 1742.1,2 He died at Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 16 July 1815.2

Jeremiah married Susannah Cogswell, daughter of Emerson Cogswell and Mary Pecker, 13 October 1767.2

In 1790, his household was probably the one enumerated at Concord, with 1 free white male over 16, 3 under 16, and 4 free white females.3

He was indentured to John Aish (signed by Robert Cain) as a cordwainer. In her article on John Robinson of Exeter, Harriet Robinson adds this note: "I have his awl, which, held in his good right hand, had kept in comfort, if not in luxury, his large family of ten. Surely in his case the "awl" was mightier than the "gun" that he used on the 19th of April, 1775."4

Jeremiah lived in Boston in 1770, moved to Concord, Massachusetts about 1774-5, and lived near the "Hill burying ground," where he is buried.

He was a minute-man at Concord, 19 April 1775.2

In the cited article, and in her addendum to the Brown article in the Register in 1890, Harriet makes reference to an early letter she had come to possess. Whereabouts of this letter is not presently known and Claudia Bushman did not recall seeing it when she was doing her research on Harriet.

Jeremiah received a letter from his brother Zabulon, dated 16 Feb 1787, that provides significant clues and evidence as to their ancestry and relations:

To Mr Jeremy Robinson (1), att Concord, Massachusetts State, Per favour of Dr Adams.

Dear Sir: it has been a Long Time Since I saw you. Many a day and Date has Past. I hant seen your face since the year 1766 if I remember Right, a long time. Indeed it seems to me somewhat Unnatural. I received a Letter from you last October, Dated Sepr 26. You wrote that you and family was well, and Likewise the rest of our Brethren and Sisters. I was Very Glad to hear from your and your family with the rest of our Kindred, for I seldom Ever Heard from any of you, Living at some Distance from our main Post road. You Likewise Give me Account in your Letter of the death of our sister Cogswell (2), her Dieing Very suddenly, Therefore i think such near & other Daily Instances of mortality ought to mind us of our change...

I think that our near Kindred on the father's side (3) are most all deceased, but two left, Uncle Jonathan (4) in the Town i live in & uncle Daniel (5) of Exeter. On the mother's side, but one alive Aunt Williams (6) of Hampton falls...

You hant mentioned anything Concerning our honored mother-in-law (7), what's become of her? I shud be very Glad to hear from her and her welfare if alive...

Your sister (8) has Had Seven Children, all alive, I suppose, all at Home but one, furtermore Ile thank you if you can send me account of my father's death, Day, and date and Age...

times is Very poor in our Parts, business Exceeding dull. Money very scarce. None for Tradesmen.

Be kind enough to Give a Little Intelligence of Master McClearys Faimily (9)?


Pembroke, February the 16 Day, 1787

On the margin is written in another hand, "Oct 19, 1771, my father decest."

(1) brother of Zabulon, both sons of the first wife of Dr. Jeremiah Robinson.
(2) Eunice Robinson Cogswell, their half sister and wife of Lieut. Emerson Cogswell
(3) father of Jeremy and Zabulon
(4) another son of their grandfather John
(6) unknown relation
(7) Eunice Amsden Robinson, second wife of their father and mother of their half sister Eunice Robinson Cogswell mentioned in note (2) above.
(8) refers to Zabulon's wife, name unknown. Nothing found about the seven children.
(9) Master McCleary is unknown unless he is the Samual McCleary, Jr., who signs the indenture of Cain Robinson, 1770. Susannah Cogswell, Zabulon and Jeremiah's neice and son of his brother James, married a Mr. McCleary. She died in Westboro in 1894, almost 97 years old.5


Susannah Cogswell b. 17 Mar 1745, d. 18 Dec 1836
  • Susannah Robinson2 b. say 1768
  • James Robinson2 b. say 1769
  • Mary Robinson2 b. say 1771
  • (…) Robinson2 b. say 1773, d. Apr 1773
  • Eunice Cogswell Robinson2 b. abt. 1775, d. 20 Feb 1844
  • William Robinson+2 b. 21 Apr 1776, d. 12 Dec 1837
  • John Robinson2 b. abt. 1779, d. 20 Jul 1795
  • James Robinson2 b. say 1780
  • Jeremiah Robinson2 b. 1782, d. 21 Sep 1797
  • Lydia Robinson2 b. say 1783
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