Johanna Pope

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ChartsAncestors of William Jerome Pierce
Johanna Pope, daughter of Thomas Pope and Margaret (…), died before 17 July 1629,1 when she was buried at St. James, Taunton, Somerset, England.2

Johanna married Thomas Whetcombe, son of (…) Whetcombe, at Taunton St. James, Somerset, England, after 19 March 1584/85.3

Johanna left a will dated at Taunton St. James, 3 January 1628/29, and proved 29 July 1629, identifying:
sons John, Robert, Thomas, and Edmund
the eldest sons of Thomas and Edmund, but did not name them
an unnamed brother
goddaughter Johane Holcombe, daughter of Robert Hocombe
daughter Dorothy Whecombe, executrix
cousins Samuel Whecombe and Robert Holcombe, overseers
Witnesses: Robert Lane, Samuell Whetcombe, Steven Savidge, Gyles Ricarde.4


Thomas Whetcombe d. bef. 20 Aug 1618
  • Cristian Whetcombe2 d. bef. 29 Jun 1619
  • Robert Whetcombe5 d. aft. 1629
  • Thomas Whetcombe5 d. aft. 1629
  • Edmund Whetcombe5 d. aft. 1629
  • Dorothy Whetcombe4 d. bt 3 Jan 1629 - 20 Jul 1629
  • John Whitcomb+6 b. abt. 1588, d. 24 Sep 1662
  • James Whetcombe2 b. Jan 1588/89, d. bef. 1628/29
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