Sir John Giffard de Boef, Knt.

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Sir John Giffard de Boef, Knt., son of Osbert Giffard and Isabel de Bokland, was born about 1235.1 He died about 1300.1

That Sir John Gifford le Boef, of Twyford, co. Bucks, Knight, was a son of Osbert and Isabel (de Bokland) Gifford of Brimsfield is shown by a pardon for Geofffrey de Arcubus for the death of Hugh Ruffus, at the instance of John Gifford, son of Osbert Giffard, 10 Jan 1266. The John Gifford of this record can be no other than the son of Osbert who died about 1237, as the latter's son Osbert, born in 1233-1234, could not have had a son John born early enough to be the John mentioned in the pardon, and Osbert, a son of Richard Giffard the Justiciary, left no issue as his sisters were his heirs. Also, John Gifford le Boef came from Devonshire, and he and his son after him) held Accott in Devonshire and AStwell in Northamtopnshire adversly to John Gifford, son of the second Osbert. Astwell at one time was held by the second Osbert.2

Before 1272, Sir John Giffard de Boef, Knt. was enfeoffed of two parts of a knight's fee in Twyford, by Robert FitxNicholas, steward of Henry III. On 12 Mar 1276 he was mentioned as of Twyford in the Close Rolls, and 1277, as John Giffard le Boef, he petitioned that the service of Ralph Pipard should be performed in West Wales.

In 1282 he was performing in Wales the service due from John Giffard of Brimsfield. In 1284 he was summoned by a writ of quo warranto to show his right of frank pledge in Twyford, when he pleaded the feoffment by Robert FitzNicholas and called upon Robert's nephew, Rialph Pipard, to warrant, but was adjudged to be in mercy. Pipard sought in 1289-90 that he be restored.

In the Feudal Aid of 1284-86 John Giffard le Boef held 15 1/2 virgates of land in Charndon, co. Bucks, of the King, and 40 librates in Twyford of Ralph Pipard. On 3 May 1296 he was knight of the shire for co. Bucks. in a Parliament at Westminster--one of the earliest Parliaments.

In the roll of arms in the time of Edward I, known as the Planche' Roll, the arms of John Giffard le Boef of Twyford are given as Gules, three lions passant in pale argent, and a label for difference. These are the arms of the Brimsfield Giffards, with the mark of cadency. In the roll of arms printed with the parliamentary writs the arms of Sir John Giffard le Boef of Twyford are set down as "Sire Johann Gyffard le boef De goules a III lions passant de argent e un label de azur."3


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