Geoffrey of Boulogne

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Geoffrey of Boulogne, son of Eustace II, Count of Boulogne & Lens and Godgifu, was born between 1045 and 1050.1,2 He died between 1086 and 1090, when his name appears in Domesday.1,3

Geoffrey married Beatrice de Mandeville, daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville and Athelaise (…), before 1085.1,4,5

It seems likely that Geoffrey was the son of Godgifu, and not the illigitimate son of a mistress of Eustace II. Anderson and Joscelyne provide a convincing case, pointing out that the marriage of Eustace and Godgifu was dissolved when Eustace was excommunicated for incest by Pope Leo IX at the Council of Rheims in 1049. Although the children of such dissolved marriages were then considered illigitimate and given ignoble status and unable to inherit, that did not occur with Geoffrey. The presumption is that Eustace and Godgifu may have been able to ignore the the Pope. Geoffrey's later career was much more "noble" than those of his half-brothers who were known have mistress mothers.6


Beatrice de Mandeville
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