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John Newland, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born about 1710.1 He died at Berkeley Co., Virginia, before 27 October 1800, when his will was proved.2

John married Elizabeth Linder, daughter of Simon Linder and Margret Nagel, at Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, 23 April 1739.3,4,5

At age 24, he arrived at the port of Philadephia, 23 September 1734, aboard the galley Hope, Daniel Ried, commander, from Rotterdam by way of Cowes. In the list of passengers giving mens names and ages, he is shown as Johan Nouland, age 24. There are 74 names on this list. One man was noted as "Brit."

Although said to have originated in Germany, that seems not to be the case.

An note was made in the Minutes of the Provincial Council, "Forty nine Palatines, who with their Families, making in all One hundred twenty seven Persons were imported in the Ship Hope, Daniel Reid, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence, were this day qualified as usual"

Two other lists detail those 49 Palatines, and Johan Nouland or some semblance of that name, is not among them, nor is any possible such signature found in the facsimilie volume (2).

So, there were 25 men who were not Palatine, and did not need to qualify with an oath of allegiance, meaning they were already considered loyal to the crown. It appears that most of these men had English-sounding names. Cowes was a port on the Isle of Wight, and a common jumping-off point for ships heading for America, and in particular, Philadelphia.

John Newland is known to have been indentured to Isham Randolph of Goochland Co., Virginia, for four years that would end 8 April 1737, but in exchange for making "two Hundred and fifty pair of Mens, [Wo]mans, Children, and Negro shoes and mend shoes, Horse Harnes, [a Ch]arot and Cart as Occasion Shou'd require" the indenture would end early.6,7,8
John Newland left a will dated 2 October 1800, and proved 27 October giving one shilling sterling each to sons John, Jacob, Isaac, & Abraham, and daughters Mary Lindor & Sarah Byers "they having heretofore received from me all I intended to give them."

To his grandchildren, sons and daughters of his daughter Sarah Byers, John, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham & to Mary Byers, Elizabeth Fisher, Sarah, Susanah, Lydia, & Barbara Byers to have the proceeds from the sale of his estate, both real and personal. They were also to have the proceeds from the sale of [ten?] acres he had purchased from Dr. Alexander Mitchell, but the parents were to possess the said land and receive the profits thereof until their youngest child shall arrive at full age. The proceeds of the sale of personal and real property to be placed out at interest and given to the grandchildren as they came of age.

Conrad Byers, named as son-law earlier in the will, was named sole executor.9


Elizabeth Linder b. 1 Apr 1720, d. bt 1780 - 1781
  • Mary Newland+2 b. abt. 1741, d. abt. 1810
  • John Newland10 b. abt. 1743, d. 16 Apr 1833
  • Jacob Newland11 b. abt. 1749, d. abt. Sep 1800
  • Isaac Newland11 b. 15 Oct 1752, d. 11 Sep 1808
  • Abraham Newland11 b. 1754, d. 5 Oct 1827
  • Sarah Newland11 b. abt. 1759
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