Elizabeth Linder

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Elizabeth Linder, daughter of Simon Linder and Margret Nagel, was born probably shortly before her baptism at Blankenloch, Lower Franconia, Germany, 1 April 1720.1,2 She died at Berkeley Co., Virginia, between 1780 and 1781.3

Elizabeth married John Newland, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, 23 April 1739.4,2,5


John Newland b. abt. 1710, d. bef. 27 Oct 1800
  • Mary Newland+2 b. abt. 1741, d. abt. 1810
  • John Newland6 b. abt. 1743, d. 16 Apr 1833
  • Jacob Newland7 b. abt. 1749, d. abt. Sep 1800
  • Isaac Newland7 b. 15 Oct 1752, d. 11 Sep 1808
  • Abraham Newland7 b. 1754, d. 5 Oct 1827
  • Sarah Newland7 b. abt. 1759
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