Richard Borden

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Richard Borden, son of Matthew Borden and Joan (…), was born probably shortly before his baptism at Headcorn, Kent, England, 22 February 1595/96.1 He died at Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island, 25 May 1671,1 and was buried at Society of Friends burial ground, Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.1

Richard married Joane Fowle, daughter of Richard Fowle and Mary (…), at Headcorn 28 September 1625.1

31 May 1671, the Town Council made Richard's will based on testimony concerning the wishes of the deceased. Austin does not state who gave the testimony:
Executor, son Matthew.
To widow Joan: the old house and fire room with leanto and buttery adjoining, and little chamber in the new house, and porch chamber joing to it, half the use of the great hall, porch room below, cellaring and garret of the new house for life. Also firewood yearly, use of thirty fruit trees in the orchard that she may choose, liberty to keep fowls about the house not exceeding forty, and all household goods at her disposal. She to have thirty ewe sheep kept for her, with their profit and increase, fifty other sheep kept to halves, three cows kept and their profit, and to have paid her yearly a good well feed beeve, three well fed swine, ten bushels of wheat, twenty bushels of Indian corn, six bushels of barley malt and four barrels of cider.
To son Thomas: all estate in Providence, lands goods and chattels (except horsekind), he paying his mother Joan yearly, a barrel of pork and firkin of butter.
To son Francis, land in New Jersey.
To son John, all land about new dwelling house of said John Borden, &c.
To son Joseph, £40, within two years after death of his mother.
To son Samuel, £40, half in six moths after death of father and half in six months after death of mother
To son Benjamin, £40 within four years of death of mother.
To daughter Mary Cooke, £5.
To daughter Sarah Holmes, £40 within six years after death of mother.
To daughter Amey Borden, £100 at age of twenty-one.
To grandaughter Amey Cooke, £10, at eighteen.
To son Matthew, whole estate after payment of debts and legacies, and if he die without issue, said estate not to remain to any brother older.

The inventory totaled £1572 8s. 9d. comprised of:
200 sheep, 100 lambs, 4 oxen, 9 cows, 4 three years, 5 two years, 7 yearlings, 5 calves, horseflesh at Providence: £60
4 mares on the island £20
horse £7 10d . 6s.
colts, horseflesh at New London £8
30 swine, 11 pigs, negro man and woman £50
3 negro children £25
turkeys, geese, fowls, Indian corn, rye, wheat, oats barley, pease, 2 cheese presses, 6 guns, pewter, 2 swords, feather bed, 2 flock beds, hat case, silver bowl £3
cider £2
money £3
peage £8
goods £16
table form, settle, chairs, warming pan, books 10s., &c.2


Joane Fowle d. 15 Jul 1688
  • Richard Borden1 b. 9 Jul 1626
  • Thomas Borden1 b. 3 Oct 1627
  • Francis Borden1 b. 23 Dec 1628
  • Mary Borden+1 b. 13 Jan 1632/33, d. 23 Dec 1690
  • Elizabeth Borden3 b. 25 May 1634
  • Matthew Borden3 b. May 1638
  • John Borden3 b. Sep 1640
  • Joseph Borden3 b. 3 Jul 1643
  • Sarah Borden3 b. May 1644
  • Samuel Borden3 b. Jul 1645
  • Benjamin Borden3 b. May 1649
  • Amey Borden3 b. Feb 1653/54
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