Edward Washburn

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Edward Washburn, son of Joseph Washburn and Hannah Latham, was born at Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, say 1698.1,2,3 He died at Middletown, Connecticut, before 15 December 1758, when a summary accounting of his estate was presented in probate court.4,1,5

Edward married Judith Rickard, daughter of Eleazer Rickard and Sarah Eaton, at Plympton, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, 20 April 1732.3,1,4,6,7,8

In 1736,Eleazer Rickard of Plympton sold his cedar swamp to his son Eleazer and son-in-law Edward Washburn "both of Plimton." In a deed dated and acknowledged 15 January 1740 [perhaps 1740/1?], Edward sold to George Barrow land ". . . bought of my Honoured Father Joseph Washburn late of Plimpton deceased. . . ." On 27 Apr 1741 Edward Washburn of Plympton sold to Abraham Jackson 1/4 share of cedar swamp originally belonging ". . . unto my honoured Father in Law Eleazer Rickard of Plimpton. These sales apparently were in preparation for the move to Middletown, Connecticut as son Eleazer was baptized there in October 1742.

Edward Washburn died intestate; his probate file contains an account of 15 December 1758, which mentions a mislaid inventory and contains a summary inventory giving only a list of claims against the estate. His son, Eleazer, was the administrator [the relationship is not stated], and no heirs are named in the papers.6,5,1,4


Judith Rickard b. 1 Feb 1701/2, d. aft. 13 Nov 1745
  • Sarah Washburn5,1,4 b. 15 Aug 1736
  • John Washburn4,1,5 b. 15 Aug 1736, d. 16 Sep 1797
  • Phebe Washburn4,1,5 b. 27 Mar 1738, d. 23 Nov 1784
  • Noah Washburn+4,1,5 b. 15 Jun 1740, d. 7 Aug 1811
  • Eleazer Washburn4,1,5 b. 24 Oct 1742, d. 17 Sep 1762
  • Isaac Washburn4,1,5 b. 3 Nov 1745, d. 31 Oct 1808
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