Noah Washburn

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Noah Washburn, son of Edward Washburn and Judith Rickard, was born probably shortly before his baptism at Plympton, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, 15 June 1740.1,2,3,4,5 He died at Hartford, Connecticut, 7 August 1811,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and was buried at the Old North Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.14

Noah married Bathsheba Sexton, daughter of Charles Sexton and Bathsheba Geer, at Hartford, 14 November 1765.7

No single record identifies Noah Washburn of Hartford as the son of Edward and Judith (Rickard) Washburn of Plympton and Middletown Connecticut. Three groups of records build a circumstantial case.

Proximity of family: Connecticut records show Edward and five of his six children lived and died there: Edward, John, Phebe, and Noah died there. Two, Eleazer and Isaac, were born there.15,7,16,3,17,2,18 Noah and Isaac are on the same record showing they enlisted in the governor’s guard of the Connecticut Militia in 1768.[CT militia/R] The inventory of Eleazer of Middletown names Benjamin Stocking (husband of Phebe) as administrator.19 Four of the five (John, Phebe, Noah, and Isaac) married there.

Age at Death: While Hartford Families states Noah died in 7 Aug 1814, age 72,7multiple Connecticut newspapers, his probate file, and his gravestone all show or are compatible with a death on 7 Aug 1811: The obits all state he was age 71.[Windham Herald, 16 Aug 1811; Connecticut Herald, 13 Aug 1811; American Mercury, 15 Aug 1811; unnamed paper, 15 Aug 1811] His will was proved 5 Sep 1811.20 His gravestone gives the same date of death as the obits, and shows he was in his 72nd year, not age 72.21 All of these records reflect the correct age for Noah to be Edward and Judith’s son, baptized at Plympton, 15 Jun 1740.

Onomastics: Noah named at least five children after his Washburn and Rickard relatives: Sarah, John, Eleazer, Hephzibah, and Rebecca.

An alternative view that appears on various internet sites shows Noah of Hartford as the son of Noah Washburn and Mary Staples, b. Bridgewater, 9 Sep 1741, (Bridgewater VR 1:334) and bp. East Bridgewater, 1 Nov 1741.22 This identification appears to originate with a secondary source that provides neither citations nor rationale for the placement of Noah.23, This identification should be rejected because: 1) there is no record of any of Noah’s would-be Bridgewater siblings in the vicinity of Hartford; 2) if he were b. in Sep 1741 he would be age 69 and in his 70th year when he died in Aug 1811. Given the precision reflected in his gravestone and obits, a two-year miscalculation of his age must be considered unlikely; and 3) Although not overwhelmingly, the onomastics do favor Noah of Hartford being the same as Noah of Plympton and not Noah of Bridgewater.

My conclusion is that Noah Washburn of Hartford is, with a very high degree of certainty, the son of Edward and Judith (Rickard) Washburn.6,7,24,25

In 1790, his household was probably the one enumerated at Hartford, Middlesex Co., Connecticut, with 5 free white males over 16, 1 under 16, and 9 free white females. The large ennumeration may have included the family of his brother Isaac, who is not counted elsewhere in this census.26

Noah left a will dated at Hartford, 3 December 1804, and proved 5 Sep 1811:
I Noah Washburn of the town of Hartford in the county of Harford, being in a comfortable state of Bodily Health and of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament

_Imprimis I give an bequeath unto my loving wife Bathsheba after my just Debts funeral Charges & the expences of Settling my estate are paid all my Estate both Real & personal for her use and Improvement for and during the term of her natural life.

Item. After the Decease of my said Wife I give and Bequeath to my children viz—Noah Washburn, Eleazer Washburn, Sarah the wife of Consider White, Hannah the wife of Joseph Hawkins, Abigail the wife of Asa Bigelow, Charles Washburn, Hepzibah the wife of Joseph Graham & Rebecca Washburn all my said Estate both Real and personal to be equally divided between them, to be to them their heirs & assigns forever.

And in case any of my said children should not be living at the time of Executing this instrument or shall die before me it is my will that, that part of my estate devised to that child or children should descend to and belong to the lawfull children of such deceased child or children in the same manner as it would have done had they survived me.

And I do hereby appoint my Son Charles Washburn Sole Executor to this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other former wills heretofore made Ratifying this only to be my last will & Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal this third day of December AD 1804.
---Noah Washburn.27


Bathsheba Sexton b. 14 Sep 1741, d. 27 Jul 1828
  • Noah Washburn28 b. 28 Sep 1766
  • Eleazer Washburn28 b. 13 Nov 1768
  • Sarah Washburn+28,7 b. 5 Dec 1770, d. 13 Jul 1818
  • John Washburn7,28 b. 27 Dec 1772, d. bef. 1804
  • Hannah Washburn28 b. say 1774, d. 19 Jan 1858
  • Abigail Washburn28 b. 11 Dec 1776, d. 21 Jan 1805
  • Charles Washburn28 b. say 1778, d. 2 May 1830
  • Hepzibah Washburn28,29 b. say 1780, d. 1 Oct 1819
  • Rebecca Washburn7,28 b. 7 Mar 1785, d. 28 May 1857
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