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John Winslow, son of Edward Winslow and Magdalene Oliver, was born at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, 16 April 15971 and baptized at St. Peter's, Droitwich, England, 18 April 1597.2 He died at Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, before 21 May 1674,1 and was buried at the King's Chapel Burying Grounds, Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts.1

John married Mary Chilton, daughter of James Chilton, between 1623 and 1627.1,3

John Winslow arrived on the Fortune in 1623 as shown by his receiving 1 acre for being a passenger on that ship. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle John Winslow and Mary Winslow were the fifth and sixth persons in the sixth company.

In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen "John Wynslow" appears early in the list, ahead of those admitted on 1 January 1632/3. He also appears in the list of Plymouth Colony freemen of 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:52] and the Plmouth section of 1639 Plymouth Colony list of freemen. He served as Deputy for Plymouth to Plymouth General Court, 3 June 1652, 7 March 1653/4, 6 June 1654, 1 August 1654; on the Council of War, 6 April 1653, and was listed in the Plymouth section of 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms.

In the Plymouth tax list of 25 March 1633 "John Wynslow" was assessed 18s., and in the list of 27 March 1634 the same amount [PCR 1:9, 27].

With wife Mary he moved to Boston in 1657, and when he died was one of the wealthiest merchants there.1,4

John left a will dated 12 March 1673/74, and proved 21 May 1674, "John Winslow Senior of Boston . . . merchant" bequeathed:
to "my dear and well beloved wife Mary Winslow the use of my now dwelling house with the gardens and yards thereunto belonging for and during the term of her natural life," along with "all my household goods" and £400;
to "my son John Winslow" the house and land after wife's decease, he paying £50 apiece to "William Payne the son of my daughter Sarah Meddlecott and also to Parnell Winslow daughter to my son Isack Winslow";
"my ketch Speedwell . . . and the net produce thereof [to] be equally divided amongst my children my son John only excepted";
to "my son Benjamin" £100 at age twenty-one;
"if my son Edward Winslow shall see cause to relinquish his said part and interest in the said ketch Speedwell and her proceeds, then my will is that he shall have one-quarter part of my ketch John's Adventure unto his own proper use, and then the said ketch and cargo to be equally divided among my other children my son John excepted as aforesaid together with my son Edward";
to "my grandchild Susanna Latham the sum of thirty pounds in money to be paid her at the day of her marriage and to the rest of my daughter Latham's children . . . five pounds" apiece when they come of age or marry;
to "my son Edward Winslow's children" £5 apiece when they come of age or marry;
to "my son Edward Grey his children that he had by my daughter Mary Grey" £20 apiece when the come of age or marry;
to "my son Joseph Winslow's two children" £5 apiece as aforesaid;
to "my grandchild Mercy Harris her two children" £5 apiece as aforesaid;
to "my kinsman Josiah Winslow now governor of New Plimoth" £20;
to "my brother Josiah Winslow" £20;
to "my kinswoman Eleanor Baker the daughter of my brother Kenelm Winslow" £5;
residue to be divided after wife's decease "among my seven children in equal proportions";
to "Mr. Paddye's widow five pounds as a token of my love";
"my negro girl Jane (after she hath served twenty years from the date hereof) shall be free";
"my son John Winslow" to be sole executor; "my loving friends Mr. Thomas Brattle, Mr. William Tailer and Mr. John Winsley" to be overseers, they to have £5 apiece.

The inventory of the estate of John Winslow, taken 27 October 1674, totalled £2946 14s. 10d., including "the dwelling house, garden & land adjoining to it," valued at £450; most of the value was in shares in vessels, hard currency, debts due and trade goods.4

(an unknown value).5


Mary Chilton b. 31 May 1607, d. bef. 1 May 1679
  • Joseph Winslow1
  • Susanna Winslow+1 b. bef. 1630, d. 14 Nov 1685
  • John Winslow1 b. bef. 1630
  • Mary Winslow1 b. abt. 1631
  • Edward Winslow1 b. abt. 1635
  • Sarah Winslow1 b. abt. 1638
  • Samuel Winslow+1 b. abt. 1641, d. bef. 26 Jan 1680
  • Isaac Winslow1 b. abt. 1644
  • (…) Winslow1 b. bef. 1650, d. bef. Mar 1673
  • Benjamin Winslow1 b. 12 Aug 1653, d. bef. 31 Jul 1676
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