Lieutenant Abel Wright

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Lieutenant Abel Wright, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born about 1631.1 He died at Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts, 29 October 1725, at age 94.2,1 He was first buried in the First Parish Burying Ground at the foot of Elm Street, Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts,3 and was reburied in the Springfield Cemetery, Section 1, Row 1, Lot 5, Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts, in 1849.3

Abel married Martha Kitcherell, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), at Springfield, 1 December 1659.4,5,1,6

He was first granted his homelot on 2 January 1655, three acres next to the Round Hill. Next, on 13 February 1656, he was granted 20 acres on the plain over the river, called Chickuppy plain, on condition that he remain in town at least five years. That he did, remaining over 70 years until he died in 1725.

In 1660, he and three others were granted about 60 acres, to be divided equally among them. There are over 16 other grants given in the town deeds.

He was assigned to the eighth seat in the church, 23 February 1662.

In 1695, he was elected to the General Court, and in May 1696, he (named as Lieutenant) and Deacon Burt were chosen to answer a petition of the people from the other side of the river who wanted to have a separate church and minister.

The town, and his home, where attacked by Indians, 26 July 1708. In the attack, his wife was scalped, and although not killed outright, her wounds would eventually prove fatal as she died a few months later. The wife of his son Henry, and their infant son, were also killed in the attack.1


Martha Kitcherell b. aft. 1640, d. 19 Oct 1708
  • Joseph Wright7,1 b. 1 Sep 1660
  • Martha Wright8,1 b. 29 Nov 1662
  • Abel Wright1,8 b. 25 Sep 1664, d. 2 Jun 1745
  • Benjamin Wright9,1 b. 14 Mar 1666/67, d. 25 Dec 1704
  • Hannah Wright+10,1 b. 28 Jul 1669, d. 26 Nov 1742
  • Henry Wright11,1 b. 23 May 1671, d. 6 Dec 1674
  • Sarah Wright12,1 b. 8 May 1673, d. 26 Jul 1770
  • Mary Wright13,1 b. 9 Mar 1675
  • Henry Wright14,1 b. 6 Jan 1676, d. 1738
  • Samuel Wright15,1 b. 17 Jun 1679, d. aft. 1739
  • Elizabeth Wright16,1 b. 18 Aug 1682, d. 17 Jun 1683
  • John Wright17,1 b. 21 Apr 1685, d. 11 May 1685
  • Elizabeth Wright18,1 b. 22 Aug 1687
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