Sarah Abbe

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Sarah Abbe, daughter of Thomas Abbe and Sarah Fairfield, was born at Enfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, 31 March 1684.1,2 She died at Enfield, Connecticut, 16 February 1732.3,4,5

Sarah married Shubael Geer, son of Thomas Geer and Deborah Davis, at Enfield, 27 January 1702/3.6,7,4

6 January 1725/26 she, her sister Tabitha, and brothers John and Thomas signed a receipt for a legacy from her grandfather Walter Fairfield.4


Shubael Geer b. abt. 1683
  • Shubael Geer4,7,8 b. 1 Dec 1703, d. 15 Mar 1703/4
  • Sarah Geer4,7,8 b. 5 Jan 1704/5
  • Deborah Geer4,7,9 b. 17 Aug 1707, d. 12 Aug 1794
  • Mary Geer4,7,10 b. 10 Mar 1709/10
  • Tabitha Geer4,7,11 b. 21 Jul 1712, d. 30 Aug 1746
  • Bathsheba Geer+12,4,13 b. 16 Jan 1714/15, d. 28 Jan 1763
  • Shubael Geer4,7,14 b. 26 May 1717, d. aft. 1790
  • Elizabeth Geer4,7,15 b. 15 Jan 1719/20, d. 20 Oct 1757
  • Thomas Geer4,7,16 b. 1 Jul 1722, d. 1751
  • Anna Geer4,7,16 b. Dec 1725, d. 15 Feb 1764
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