Stephen Burritt

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Stephen Burritt, son of William Burritt and Elizabeth (…), was born in 1641.1,2 He died at Stratford, Connecticut, 24 January 1697,2,1,3 and was buried at Stratford.3,1,2

Stephen married Sarah Nichols, daughter of Isaac Nichols and Margaret (…), at Stratford 8 November 1673.3,1,2,4

Stephen was on the list of Freemen at Stratford, 7 Aug 1669, a lot owner in 1671, and confirmed by the General Court as Ensign of the Train Band at Stratford in 1672.

He was appointed Recorder 1 Jan 1673. He had a beautiful and character-like signature which frequently appears on the town books.

At the beginning of the colonial Indian wars, he was appointed Lieutenant 17 Jan 1675. The Council of Stratford, on 18 Sep 1675, ordered that Ensign Stephen Burritt lead the Fairfield Dragoons to defend "the plantations up the river and kill and destroy all such Indian enemies as should assault them on said plantations."

At a meeting of the Council of the Colony, 23 Nov 1775, he was appointed Commissary of the Army, a rapid promotion.

In 1689, he was appointed to a committee to assess damages for the changing of Black Creek into Mill River, by which one Robert Lane claimed to have been "damnified." That same year he was chosen one of the Townsmen and in 1690 was an auditor of the Town Treasurer. He was a Deputy for Stratford in May 1681 and again in May 1691. He was Captain of the Trainband, May 1692.

His tombstone has his death date as well as his age (in his 57th year). The estate was inventoried 4 Mar 1697, valued at £177 2s. 0d., including £6 6s. 0d. for arms and ammunition.3,1,2


Sarah Nichols b. 6 Nov 1649
  • Elizabeth Burritt3,1,2 b. 1 Jul 1675
  • William Burritt3,1,2 b. 29 Mar 1677
  • Peleg Burritt3,1,2 b. 5 Oct 1679
  • Josiah Burritt3,1,2 b. 1681
  • Israel Burritt3,1,2 b. 1687
  • Charles Burritt3,1,2 b. 1690, d. bef. 26 Feb 1761
  • Ephraim Burritt+1,5,3 b. 1693
  • James Burritt2 b. say 1696
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