Damaris Whitcomb

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Damaris Whitcomb, daughter of Josiah Whitcomb and Rebecca Waters, was born at Lancaster, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 27 May 1678.1 She died at Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, 3 September 1772, widow of Nathaniel, aged 86y. 6 m. 6d.2

Damaris married Nathaniel Wilder, son of Lieutenant Nathaniel Wilder and Mary Sawyer, at Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, 26 December 1707.3

On 10 September 1710 she was added to the church rolls at Lancaster.4


Nathaniel Wilder b. 1686, d. 9 Jun 1775
  • Nathaniel Wilder5 b. 26 Nov 1708
  • Jonathan Wilder b. 26 Nov 1708, d. 26 Nov 1708
  • Charles Wilder5 b. 2 Apr 1710
  • Joshua Wilder5 b. 2 Sep 1712
  • Bezaleel Wilder6 b. 20 Nov 1714
  • Aholiab Wilder6 b. 5 Feb 1717
  • Damaris Wilder7 b. 1 Jan 1719/20
  • Jerahmeel Wilder8 b. 8 May 1721
  • Prudence Wilder+8 b. 5 Aug 1722, d. 8 Nov 1798
  • Aaron Wilder8 b. 25 Aug 1723
  • Samuel Wilder9 b. 19 Jan 1724/25, d. 9 May 1725
  • Elias Wilder10 b. 17 Jan 1727
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