Sir Hugh Hastings, Knt.

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Sir Hugh Hastings, Knt., son of John Hastings, Esq. and Anne Morley, was born about 1447, being aged 30 and more in 1477.1 He died 7 June 1488.2,3,4

Hugh married Ann Gascoigne, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne, Knt. and Margaret Clarell.2,5,1

He was high sheriff of Yorkshire in 1480 and on 25 May 1484, in reward for his services against the rebels in Buckingham's insurrection, the King granted him the manors of Wells, Warham, Sheringham, and Wiveton, Norfolk, worth £101 6s. 7d. a year, to hold, in tail male, by military service, at a rent of £8 16s. 7d. a year.2,3

Sir Hugh Hastings, Knt. left a will dated 20 June 1482, and proved 16 January 1489/90:6
In Dei nomine, amen. To the pleasour and loving of Al mighty God, oure Blissed Lady -Seynt Marie Virgyn, and all the Seyntes of heven, I Hugh Hastynges,* knyght, beyng in gude helth and hole of mynde, the xx daye of Juyn, the yere of oure Lord God M.cccc.lxxxij, intending and purposing, under the proteccion and grace of Almighty God, to passe towardes the Scottis the kingis enmyes, ordeign and makes my testament and last will, as well for the gude disposicion of all my landes and tenementes, goodes and catalles, to and at my commyng home from Scotland, as for the disposicion of the same after my decesse, in maner and fourme ensuyng, Furst, I bequeth my saule to Almighty God, my Creature, and to oure Blissed Lady Seynt Marie, His moder, by the suffrage of All Seyntes ; and my bodye to be beryed in Christen beriell where as shall please Almighty God. Also I will that immediately after my decesse a covable and able preste be founden by myn executores of and with my gudes, the space of vij yeres, at and w'in the chapell of Norton w'in the pansh of Campsall w'in the countie of York, there daily to pray for me to Almighty God, and for all my gude doers Also I will, in lyke wise, that v verges of wax be fondon by the space of a yere, to be byrned daily the space of on messe, on of thame in the Abbay of Pountefrett in the honour of Seynt Thomas of Loncastre; the secund at the Freers there in the honour of Seynt Petir of Millen ; the thyrd at the White Freers of Doncastre in the honour of our Lady Seynt Marie Virgyn there ; the fourth at the Gray Freers there in the honour of the Holy Rode; and the fyftte at the Freers of Tykhill in the honour of Seynt Xinian. Also I will that everych of the saide foure houses of Freers have yerely a quarter whete delyvered by my said executores during the space of iij yeres, next sewing the date herof. Also, in lykewise, I will that every of the said foure houses have xs., ichon of thame to say ij trentalles and pray for me, myn awncetours, and gude doers, in maner and fourme aforesaid. Also I will that, if it happen me to decesse afore my said commyng home, that then myn excutores shall, furst and principally, paye and content all my dettes and dueties, afore thame evidently to be proved due by me my dett; and after there discreciones to con tent and satisfye every person and personnes therof, and of almaner of injuries and wronges to every person or personnes in lykewise proved by me to be doone. Also I will that, if I decesse afore my said commyng home, wherin I besuch Almighty God of His moste mercyfull grace, that my syid gowne of blak velvett shalbe geven to the church of Campsall aforesaid, to be made therof by myn executores a cope, with myn armes to be sett theruppon of my cost; Also I will that fierry Haydon, Richard Sothwell, Johan Dawney, Thomas Midelton, Thomas Lovell esquyers, and John Williamson preste, which be enfeoffed to myn use be my dede beryng date the xij daye of May, the xxj yere of the reign of kyng Edward the Fourth, of and also in all my landes, etc., w4n the countie of Norfolk, suffer myn executours to take and percey ve all the profettes, etc, to the tyme that the sume of m1 li. be leved and taken for the mariage of my doughters, and performyng of this my last will. Also, I will that Sir Guye Fairefax knyght, Thomas Mydelton, John Dawney, Robert Portyngton esquyers, Hugh Bosvile parson of the chirch of Derfeld, and Thomas Palmer parson of the chirch of Smeton, feoffes to myn use in all my landes, etc., win the countie of York, by my dede beryng date the xvjth daye of Octobre, xvijth Edward IV. suffer my executors to receive m'li. for the mariage of my doughters, and to performe this my will; and that Katheryn, my doughter, shall have to hir mariage cccc. marc of the issues; and Elizabeth and Margaret,* my doughters, either of thame to ther mariage ccc marc. Also, I will that ccclxx mare, which is unpayed, and parcell of ccccl marc to have beyn payd and payable to Rauff Babthorp, knyght, for the mariage of John, my son and heyre apperyng, to Isabell, doughter and heire apparaunte of the said Rauffe,* shalbe payed of the said issues and profettes, according to the comunicacion and writing betwix me and the said Rauffe of the said mariage. Also, I will that my said feoffes in my landes in Norfolk make a snfficiaunte astate to Anne,f my wyffe, of and in my maner of Wesynham, and of and in a mece w' the beyldynges, ete., w'in the citie of Norwich, which sumtyme wer William Rees esquyer, set there in the parissh of Seynt Petir of Mancroft, for terme of hir ly ve, in the name of playne satisfaccion and allowance of all hir dower. I will that when God sendes my sonn and heyre apparing to the age of xxj yere, that my said feoffes make an astate to Charles, my son, of landes and tenementes, parcell of the lordeship of Gressenhall w'in the said, countie of Norfolk, to the yerely value of xx marc, terme of his lyffe; and an astate of such landes, ete., w'in the lordeship of Elsyng called Norfolk thing, and of such landes, ete., wlin the said countie of Norfolk, which my fader purchased of one Sparke there; and of landes. ete., w'in the lordeship of Elsyng and Lexham, to the yerely value of xx mare, to Robert J my son, terme of his lyfe. Also I will that my feoffes in Yorkeshire make an astate to George,* my son, of all such landes, etc., which my fader purchased of one Dyke in Mosselay w'in the parissh of Bramwith; and of such landes, etc., in Doncastre which I purchased of one Beyston and his wyffe, after the decesse of thame; and of such landes, etc., which Richard Hudson of Norton w'in the parish of Campsall hath to ferme for terme of yeres; and, also, of aclossein Mosseley called Hankirfeld ; of an other closse their called Southefeld in the haldyng of Trestram Legh ; and of a tenement which my fader purchased of one Sir Rychard Heton preste, terme of his lyve. And what tyme that it happen eny of my said sonnes Charles, Robert, or George, to be promoted to eny benefice or benefices spirituell to the yerely value of xl mare, thenne the said astate and lyverie of season theruppon to hym or to theme so pro moted to be voyede. And if it happen eny of my said doughters to decesse afore they be maried, that then my wyffe and myn executours shall have the disposicion and guyding of every of there parte, so decessing, to dispose for my saule. Also I will that my feoffes in Norfolk make an astate to the yerely value of x mare, to th'entent that a preste may say Divyne service, and daily pray for me, my fader, myn auucetours, and all my gude doers, in the chirch of Gressenhall for ever, where my said fader and moder er beryed, according to my fader last will f Also I will that my feoffes in Yorkeshire make an astute, to the yerely value of xl s , to the use of the maister of the chapell of Norton and his successours, so longe as their continues one maister w' his felow daily syngyng and other Divine service doyng there. Also I will that Isabell Hothom, my doughter, have xx li. payed by my said executours, towardes the hangynges and glasse wyndowes making of one chambre in Scoreburgh. Also I will that myn executoures make or doo to be made the north parte of the church of Campsall, there callyd the north yle, in the honour of Seynt Katheryn and Seynt Nicholas, if the parisshing therof will here the cariage of all stuff belongyng therto. Also I will that my said feoffes in Norfolk, what tyme the advouson of the chirch of Lexham there falles voied, present to the ordinary to be admit and inducte Sir Robert Smyth preste; and Sir Thomas Glasedale to the church of Breseley.* And, what tyme y' eny other church, w'in owther of the said counties of Norfolk or York, of the which the patronage belongith to me, falles voied, I will that Sir Richard Brereley preste be presented. Also, whereby and under the grace of God Almighty my wyffe is insantie and grete with childe, which Almighty God of his grace shew to be delyvered and borne in seaftie, that childe, f under the said mercy so borne, I will if it happen to be issue male (to have xx mares per ann. for life) and if it happen to be issue femell (to have ccc mares for marriage). Also I will that Anne, my wyffe, have the reule and governaunce of my yonger sonnes and of there lyvelod to they come to their playne age of xx yere, and of my doughters unmaried to they be purveied fore ; and in lykewyse of such issue as Almighty God will preserve under his grace to be borne, which now she is w Also I will that my said feoffes of my landes and tenementes in Yorkeshire, duraunte the lyffe of William Eland of Kyngeston-uppon-Hull, yerely at such tyme sesonable as the said William or eny other uppon his behalve shall requyre theme, for the gude and holsom councell in the law that the said Willlam hath geven me, and hereafter intendes to doo, as I well knowith he dothe, frely delyver to the said William in seasonable tyme yerely a buk in season, at and oute of my parke of Fenwyk. l will that the residue of my goodes go to the helpyng, releyfryng, succoring, and refresshing of my yonger sonnes; and if eny person or personhes beyng w' me and doyng me service, havyng my connysaunce, this said jorney ayenst the Scottes, be hurted or maymed, thaine I will that my said executores relyf and rewarde hym or thcym, so hurted or maymed, after there discreciones. The which executores I ordeign and make Sir Guye Fayrefax knyght, Anne my wyffe, John Dawney, John Hothom, and Thomas Midelton esquyers, and Sir Thomas Burgh knyght supervisour; and ichon taking administracion to have c s. and their resonable costs. And this my last will to staunde in his right strenth and vertue.
This wittennessing Sir Peers Midelton knyght, William Eland esquyer, Richard Bosvile, Thomas Abney, John Yoele.
This is
my last will subscribed w' myn hand ; I Sir Hugh Hastinges, chr.
Also I will that Anne my doughter shall have to hir mariage ccc mares.


Ann Gascoigne
  • Sir John Hastings, Knt.1 b. aft. 1455
  • Sir George Hastings, Knt.1 b. aft. 1455
  • Charles Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Robert Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Muriel Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Isabel Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Katherine Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Elizabeth Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Margaret Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Anne Hastings1 b. aft. 1455
  • Sir Brian Hastings, Knt.+7,8,1 b. aft. 20 Jun 1482, d. bef. 8 Oct 1540
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