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Martha Cooper, daughter of John Cooper and Wibroe Griggs, was born probably shortly before her baptism at Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, 26 November 1629.1 She died at Southampton, Suffolk Co., New York, after 29 May 1690, when she joins with her son Abiel to exchange property with her son-in-law, Thomas Stephens.1,2

Martha married Ellis Cook, whose parents are not known (or are untraced), at Southampton, about 1653.1,3

After Ellis died, Martha begins to appear in the town records:

25 Jun 1679, the widow Cook was listed as 150£ in another division; she drew #20 which was described as on the Northwest side of Scuttle hole4

16 Sep 1680, “An accompt of the men Apoynted to Rectify ye highways, of the work they did as followeth. Taken 2 acres w by measure from the land of widow Cook which she ought to ye towne, the said land lying at ye outside northward of the land against her house and is at the Eastward end 2 poles taken off and ye westward end 12 poles.”5

1 Apr 1681, “…put to vote whether or no widow Cook should have liberty to lay downe the two acres of land which her husband was Indebted to ye towne, where she pleaseth of that division or whether th committee’s regulations concerning ye highway there and the said 2 acres of land shall stand as they report to the town they have staked it out, by major voat it is concluded that what the committee did in (the) premises shall stand viz that the said widow Cook doe lay out the two acres of land with other enlargement of the highway according to what the committies did in that case, as impowered by the town to rectify such things.”6 At the same meeting, “It was also granted to widow Cook 6 acres of wood land in some convenient place at the discretion of the layers out instead of the land which she pretended shee had right to on ye hill by Thomas Cooper’s the town grant the said six acres for peace sake shee renounceing all her pretended right in or into the land on the said hill.7

Peace between the town and Martha lasted but two months for on 5 Jun 1681, the town granted permission to John Lupton to lay down two acres to the townes use, and take up the piece that Mrs Martha Cook lays down between her land and John Luptons land laid out for in April 2 1681.8

11 Oct 1681, “It was concluded by major voate of the Inhabitants that the differences between the widow Cooke and the towne shall be Refered to men mutually chosen.”9 At the same meeting, the town chose “Mr Baker and Leift John Wheeler, and Mr John Laughton, to manage the case, and Mrs Cooke is contented with the said persons chosen by the towne, and she has chosen to the towns satisfaction John Osburne and Jeremiah Conklin.10

Two weeks later the town and Martha came to an agreement:
“October 26 1681. Whereas there hath been several controversies and contentions between the towne of Southampton, and Mrs Martha Cooke concerning several parcells of land, now know ye that wee the said Martha Cooke, of the one pt and the present Constable and overseers of Southampton for and in behalf of ye said Towne of the other part, doe hereby for ourselves our heirs and assigns mutually agree as a final determination in Reference to premises as followes, viz, that the land at meacox which the said widow Cook was indebted to the towne which was two acres formerly staked out by the comity, one acre whereof the said widow Cook doth hereby convenant and promise to lay out to the common as it is now staked, that is 8 poles at the west end, and so to run to the eastward end or conrner tree thence to cme to nothing and also to rectifie the west ward line of the said division to run th lne as it is now staked out being but twelve foot variation from a straight line, and to lay out the other acre upon the East side of the neck, what is already without the fence In lieu thereof, further in reference to the land upon the hill by Thomas Coopers, which the widow Cook laid claim unto, the said towne or Constable and overseers In their behalf doe hereby ngage unto the said Widow Cook seven acres of land in thee woods where it may be most convenient for her at the discretion of the layers out, which said seven Acres of land the said widow Cook accepts in full satisfaction for her Interest in or to the aforesaid land upon the hill by Thomas Cooper’s, and to bee a final conclusion in Reference to the premises, concerning all doubts variences strifes actions suites, Contentions thence arising, whatsever from the beginning of the world to the day of the date of these presents. In witness whereof both partys have set there hands the day and yere aforesaid. [Martha made her mark] At the same time was granted to John Cook by the Constable and overseers “a gore [poore?] peece of land upon his front from John Luptons corner straight over to his mothers fence or marked tree.11

2 Oct 1685 the town layd out to John beswick on the north side of path to East Hampton, In the Right of John Lupton one Acre and A Rood which with Acre he had of the townes Land throwne out by widow Cook for which he was to Lay downe 2 Acres of what he had to take up which one Acre and A rood soe Laid out to John beswick is John Lupton’s complement of the Land he hath to take up…”12

10 Jan 1688 the land of widow Cook is mentioned as bounding the north side of Isaac Wilman’s home lot which he was giving to is son Isaac Willman, Jr.13

9 Apr 1688, Isaac Willman sold to William Ludlam the interest he had in the close at Meacox “where Ellis Cook’s house standeth, also in the little close.”14

29 May 1690, Thomas Stephens sells to Martha Cook and Abagail Cook [Abiel Cook] “All that messuage of land and tenements, namely his new dwelling house and home lot; and sixty acres of woodland which he bought of the town, by the Head of the Mill Pond. The said home lot is bounded east by land of Humphrey Hughes, south by highway.” Martha Cook and Abagail Cook [Abiel Cook] give in exchange, “All their certain home lot, that did belong to Ellis Cook, deceased, being 4 acres, bounded south by Isaac Willman, and west by Towne street, with all the land and meadow belonging to said home lot namely a £100 allotment in the Great and Little Plains and Ox Pasture, being 20 acres in divers pieces. Also meadow at Shinnecock and Seponack and a £150 allotment at Asops Neck, alias Assups Stoke. And [?] of a lot at Potunk, and ? of a lot a Acabougue as they stand upon record to Ellis Cook. Also 15 acres of woodland of a 40 acre lot lying at Scuttle Hole.2


Ellis Cook b. bt 1618 - 1623, d. bef. 26 Feb 1678/79
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