Coenraet Ten Eyck

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Coenraet Ten Eyck, son of Wihelm an gen Eick and Michel Puitzen, was born probably shortly before his baptism at Moers, Germany, 3 March 1617.1,2 He died at New Amsterdam, New York, in 1687.3,1

Coenraet married Maria Boele, daughter of Tobias Boel and Margrieta van Apperloo, at Amstelveen, Holland, 4 June 1645.2,1

In 1653, the Indians on Long Island were causing troubles, both among themselves, and for the Dutch. They took steps to strengthen their small militia, known as the Burgher Corps and "Conrad ten Eyck" was a Lance Corporal in Company 3.4


Maria Boele b. 15 Jul 1622, d. 1682
  • Marija Ten Eyck5 b. 2 Apr 1646
  • Jacob Coenraetse Ten Eyck+1,3 b. 8 Aug 1647, d. bef. 6 Sep 1716
  • Dirck Ten Eyck3,1 b. 27 Oct 1648, d. 1711
  • Margriet Ten Eyck3,1 b. 20 Aug 1651
  • Tobias Ten Eyck3,1 b. 26 Jan 1653
  • Coenraet Ten Eyck3,1 b. 2 Nov 1654
  • Hendrick Ten Eyck3,1 b. 30 Apr 1656
  • Mathys Ten Eyck+3,1 b. 20 Mar 1658, d. 6 Jul 1741
  • Margariet Ten Eyck3,1 b. 22 Oct 1659
  • Andries Ten Eyck3,1 b. 15 Jan 1661/62
  • Metje Ten Eyck3,1 b. 11 May 1664
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