Edward Raynsford

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Edward Raynsford, son of Robert Raynsford and Mary Kirton, was born probably shortly before his baptism at Straverton, Northamptonshire, England, 10 September 1609.1,2 He died at Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, 16 August 1680.1

Edward married an unknown first wife, June 1632;3,4,2 he married (2) Elizabeth (…), before October 1633. The ancestry of both wives is unknown, or not traced here.3,4,5,1,2

Edward Raynsford, 26, apparently traveling without his family, is on the list of passengers (made from 4 May to 10 July 1635) in the Abigail being transported from London to New England, Richard [or Robert] Hackwell, master. However, it is clear he and his family had emmigrated by 1630.6,5

Family 1

N.N. (…)
  • Joshua Raynsford3 b. 1 Apr 1632, d. Jul 1632
  • Mary Raynsford7 b. 1 Apr 1632, d. 12 Apr 1694

Family 2

Elizabeth (…) b. 1607, d. 16 Nov 1688
  • John Raynsford7 b. 30 Apr 1634, d. 1688
  • Jonathan Raynsford7 b. 23 Aug 1636, d. 11 Mar 1671
  • Ranis Raynsford+7,8 b. 4 Apr 1638, d. 2 Oct 1691
  • Nathan Raynsford7 b. Mar 1641, d. bef. 3 Apr 1676
  • David Raynsford7 b. 1 Jul 1644, d. 28 Nov 1691
  • Solomon Raynsford7 b. 25 Aug 1646, d. 16 Jan 1692/93
  • Elizabeth Raynsford7 b. 25 Dec 1648, d. 23 May 1688
  • Hannah Raynsford7 b. 12 Nov 1650
  • Ann Raynsford7 b. 1 Dec 1651, d. bef. 11 Apr 1690
  • Edward Raynsford7 b. 15 Aug 1654, d. 1688
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