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Moses Barber, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born in 1652.1 He died at South Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island, before 17 December 1733, when his will was proved.1

Moses married an unknown first wife (but perhaps Ann Babcock--see below), about 1679;1 he married (2) Susannah West, daughter of Francis West and Susanna Soule, at North Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island, 24 March 1691/92.2,3,4,5

A suggestion has been made that the first wife may be the Ann Barber mentioned in the will of John Babcock, actually written by the town of Westerly in 1685. See Alden G. Beaman, "A Line of Descent from Moses Barber of Kingstown," The Rhode Island Genealogical Register, 1 (1978) 112-120.6

Moses Barber first appears in the records when he was taxed at Kings Town, 8s. 1d., 6 Sep 1687.

In 1693, he purchased 330 acres of the Pettaquamscut Purchase within the present limits of the present town of South Kingstown, bounded on the east by the two Yawgoo ponds and the stream (Shickasheen River) which joins them. It is near the southerly of these two ponds where Moses built his house, and which has since been known as Barber's Pond. The old Barber house stood on a knoll called Bald Hill near the present risidence of Mrs Luke Clarke," (1889). The South Kingstown Atlas of 1870 showed the house just west of Barber's Pond.

At some early point, Moses and Susannah applied to the South Kingstown council to build a dam for a mill just east of that southern pond.

7 Jul 1705, he and wife Susanna deeded to his son Moses "for love," 100 acres. On 16 Feb 1709/10, he and Susannah gave to son William 150 acres bound south by land of Edward Boss; north by Capt John Stanton of Newport; east by the mill river; west by brother Moses, and "is a part of the tract I bought of John Wilkie of sd. town."

He deposed that he was seventy years and upwards, 17 Mar 1722.

He was listed as a Freeman of South Kingstown, 16 Sep 1723.1,7

Moses left a will dated 29 March 1728, and proved 17 Dec 1733 (recorded 24 Dec 1733):
In the Name of God Amen the Twenty Ninth Day of March 1728 I Moses Barber Senr of South Kingstown In the Colony of Rhod Island Yeoman being Aged and Weak in body but of Perfect Mind and Memory thanks be Given unto God for it-therefore Calling unto mind the Mortallity of My body and Knowing that it is Appointed for all men once to Dye Do Make and Ordain this My Last Will &Testment that is to Say principally and First of all ___

I Give and Recommend my Soule Into the Hands of God that Gave it and my body to be buried in Decent Christian Burial At the Discrestion of My Executrix and Executor Hearafter Named Nothing Doubting but at the General Resurrection I Shall Reciev the Same Again by the Mighty Power of God. As Touching Such Worldly Estat Wherwit It hat Pleased God to bless me In this Life
I Give Demise and Dispose of the Same In the following manner and Form that is to Say---

Imprimus After My Just Debts Funeral Charges and Leagacies are Duely Discharged and paid by my Executrix and or Executor The use of the Rest of my Movable Estate I Give and bequeath to Susanah my Wife So Long as She Remains my Widow as also the use of my Home=sted farm and House with all the privileges and profits thereunto belonging and further my Will is that at the Decease of my Wife Susannah that then all the Remaining part of my Said Estate Shall be Eaqually Devided between the Daughters of my Said Wife or their Children

Item I Give unto my Son William Barber one Shilling in tokin of my Love he having Received his portion already in Land ------

Item I Give unto my Son Moses Barber one Shilling in token of my Love to him he having Received his portion already in Land ------

Item I Give unto my Son Samuel Barber one Shilling in tokin of my Love to him he having Received his portion already in Land ------

Item I Give unto my Son Thomas Barber one Shilling in token of my Love to him he having Received his portion already in Land ------

Item I Give unto my Son Joseph Barber one Shilling in token of my Love to him he having Received his portion already in Land ------

Item I Give unto my Son Benjamin Barber A Certain Tract or percell of Land Scituate Lying and being in Westerly by Estimation one hundred and Forty Six Acres which I bought of francis Colgrove to be to him my Said Son Benjamin and to his heirs & assigns Forever ---

Item I Give unto my Son Ezekiel Barber twenty five Acres of Land being the North West Corner of My Homstead Farm Bounded Westerly on the Petequamscut Line and Easterly on Yaucup Pond. I also Give to my Said Son Ezekiel Barber Twenty Five Acres of Land on the South East Corner of My Homstead Farm be the Same more or Less-Butted and bounded as followeth Beginning at a Certain Rock by the Pond where the brook Runs out of the pond and to Extend Westward to a Large Oak Stump and heap of Stones and So to Extend the Same Course to Samuel Barber's Land and So bounded Westerly on to Samuel Barbers Land Southward on the Land of Robert Willcox and Eastward on the sd Brook and the brook is the bounds to the before Mentioned Rock and both the above mentioned percells of Land Which I Give to my Said Son Ezekiel Barber

Item I Give unto my Son Daniel Barber all my Remainding part of my homestead Farm with all the Housing Orchard and Fencing and all other to the Same Belonging to him my Said Son Daniel Barber and to his heirs and assigns forever

Item I Give to my Youngest Daughter Ann Barber one Good feather Bead well Fixed and Twenty pounds in money to be paid to her when She Comes to the Age of Eighteen Years ------

Item I Give to all my Daughters which are Married to Each of them Five Shillings In Token of My Love they Having Received their portion already also I give to the heirs of My Daughter Lydia Mory Deceased. Five Shillings

Lastly my Will is and I Do hereby Order Constitue and appont my True and Loving Wife my Executrix as also my Son Benjamin Barber my Executor of this My Last will and Testament and I Do hereby Utterly Disallow Revoke and Disannul All and Every other Former Testament With Leagacis and Bequeaths and Executors by Me In any Ways before Named Willed and Bequeathed Ratyfiiing and Confirming this and No other to be my Last will and Testament8

His Inventory totaled £452 19s 7d and included:
Wearing appearrel and 10 yd of Cloath, £9 10s 0d
Books and 8 Old Silver Spoons, £10 0s 0d
Money Due by Bonds, £94 0s 0d
Money Due by Benja Barber, £5 0s 0d
Bills of Credit, £9 0s 0d
Neat Cattle and Sheep, £68 0s 0d
Some Cloath and Yern, £5 19s 0d
A broad Cloath Mantle and Some bed lining, £2 5s 0d
Some flax Yern and Mohair, £0 8s 4d
Horse kind and one Trunk, £13 2s 0d
Swine and Gese, £2 17s 0d
Cottin Woll and pillar Cass and Combed Wool, £2 17s 0d
Woosted and Yearn, £3 0s 6d
Pork and Beef and Meet Cask, £25 10s 0d
Sheeps wool and Tallow, £2 4s 3d
A Tub and Sum fat Two Earthen Potts of butter, £1 17s 0d
A Tub and Tabaco & two old su___ and pillion, £3 15s 0d
A Lining Wheel and 3 Bells & a brand Iron, £2 0s 0d
1 Lome Some Slays and 2 Chest, £4 10s 0d
old Iron and Wosted Combs and Sheep Shears, £2 5s 0d
Shoe Making Tools and 1 Gimblet & Sum beans, £1 5s 0d
1 Warming pan & box Iron, £1 0s 0d
1 Grind Stone and a hive of bees, £2 0s 0d
1 Cart and Wheals & farming Utentials, £15 16s 0d
3 pots and 3 Kittles & Other Iron things, £8 3s 0d
Hay & Oats & Corn In the Cribb, £82 10s 0d
1 Hetchel & some flax and a pitchfork, £1 5s 0d
2 Old Wooling Wheals & five Tables, £3 15s 0d
Feathers in a barell and Sive and Meal Bag, £6 6s 0d
3 feather Beads & furniture belonging to them, £39 0s 0d
1 block bead of firniture, £3 10s 0d
Two Chest 6 Chares a Cradle and Candlestick, £2 5s 0d
Lumber and Turnups and Cabbidge in Cellar, £1 0s 0d
2 Hogsheads of Sum Sider, £1 0s 0d
Lumber in the Kitchen and Kitchen Chamber, £2 0s 0d
Puter and Earthen and Knife and fork, £7 1s 0d
A Razour and Beaswax and Two Hides, £1 15s 0d
2 Old Boxes and Some Salt, £0 12s 0d
2 Steal Traps and a pair of Cards 1 Ax and 3 Rakes, £2 0s 0d

The above and within written is a true Inventory of all the personal Estate of the Said Deceased that Came to our hands taken and appraised According to our Understanding the 13th Day of December AD. 1733 By Us the Subscribers
Daniel Knowles, Isaac Shelden
Recorded Dc 25th 1733

Susannah appeared before the council, 17 Dec 1773 and accepted the "office of being Executrix." Benjamin refused.9

Family 1

  • William Barber1 b. say 1681, d. 1748
  • Sarah Barber3 b. 25 Mar 1682, d. 1779
  • Moses Barber1 b. say 1685

Family 2

Susannah West b. say 1672, d. bt 21 Sep 1755 - 4 Apr 1758
  • Dinah Barber1 b. 5 Jan 1693
  • Lydia Barber1 b. 24 Feb 1694, d. bef. 1728
  • Samuel Barber1 b. 8 Nov 1695, d. 1760
  • Susannah Barber1 b. 23 Oct 1697, d. aft. 1748
  • Thomas Barber1 b. 19 Oct 1699, d. 1762
  • Joseph Barber1 b. 13 Oct 1701, d. 1779
  • Martha Barber1 b. 30 Nov 1703, d. aft. 4 Mar 1773
  • Ruth Barber+1 b. 23 Jun 1705, d. aft. 21 Sep 1755
  • Benjamin Barber1 b. 11 Jan 1707, d. bef. 23 Mar 1792
  • Mercy Barber1 b. 13 Mar 1709, d. aft. 19 Jan 1790
  • Ezekiel Barber1 b. 6 Mar 1710, d. aft. 7 Mar 1786
  • Abigail Barber1 b. 6 Jan 1713, d. bef. 1714
  • Daniel Barber1 b. 22 Apr 1715, d. 25 Jun 1805
  • Anna Barber1 b. 8 Oct 1717
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