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George Soule, son of Jan Sol, was born at England, before 1600.1 He died at Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, before 22 January 1679.1

George married Mary Buckett, whose ancestry is uncertain, at Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, before 1626.1,2

George Soule arrived on the Mayflower as a servant or employee of Edward Winslow. In the 1623 land division, George received one acre, as did "Marie Buckett," [or Beckett] who arrived on the Anne in 1623. She is commonly given as George's wife as she is the only known Mary eligible for marriage in Plymouth at that early date. In 1627 division of cattle, George Sowle, Mary Sowle, and Zakariah Sowle were named as persons 11-13 in the ninth company.

He was named as a freeman of Plymouth in 1633, and again 7 March 1636/7; later he is shown in the Duxbury sections of the 1639, 1658, and 29 May 1670 Plymouth Colony lists. In 1643, he was on the "Able to Bear Arms" list. He witnessed one will, signed his own, and his inventory included "books" valued at £1. He served several times as Deputy for Duxbury to the Plymouth Colony General Court: 27 Sep 1642, 28 Oct 1645, 3 Mar 1645/6, 7 July 1646, 4 June 1650, 5 June 1651, 7 June 1653, 7 June 1653/4, and 6 June 1654. He was on the Plymouth grand jury, 7 March 1642/3 and 6 June 1643; a jury 3 June 1656 and 3 March 1662/3; Petit jury, 1 June 1647.

He served on various committees:
to grant land, 5 May 1640 and 4 June 1645
to "draw up an order concerning disorderly drinking of tobacco," 20 Oct 1646
for magistrates and deputies, October 1650
for boundaries, 1 June 1658.

Besides being on the "Able to Bear Arms" list, he volunteered for service in the Pequot War, 7 June 1637, and his inventory included a gun valued at 15s.

He was assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 March 1633 and 27 Mar 1634, and was one of the "Purchasers," of 1626 [though the list was apparently compiled at a later date].

His land holdings are mentioned in several dealings:
permitted to "mow for a cow near his dwelling house," 1 July 1633
allowed the hay ground where he got hay the year before, 20 March 1636/7
granted a garden place "on Ducksborrow side," 4 December 1637
granted one acre "at the watering place" in lieu of another acre taken from him for other uses and was also granted two acres at Powder Point, 7 May 1638
George sold Robert Hicks two acres at the watering place on the south side of Plymouth, 13 July 1639
granted "the meadow he desires" at Green's Harbor, 2 November 1640
granted five acres of meadow, 4 May 1658
gave his Dartmouth property to sons Nathaniel and George as a single undivided share, 22 January 1658 & 17 July 1668
"Gorge Soule Senior of Duxburrow . . . planter, . . . with the consent of Mary my wife," deeded to "Francis Walker husband to my daughter Elizabeth half my whole share of lands at Namassakett both upland and meadow," 23 July 1668
"Gorge Soule of Duxburrow" deeded to "Patience Haskall his true and natural daughter and unto John Haskall her husband all that his half share of land at Namassakett both upland and meadow . . . having given the other half share formerly unto Francis Walker," 26 January 1668[/9]
"George Soul of Duxburro . . ., husbandman," deeded to "my daughter Elizabeth wife unto Francis Walker . . . the moiety or half share of all my purchase or purcases lying and being as before expressed in the place commonly called Namascutt," with "wife Mary Soul" relinquishing her dower rights, 12 Mar 1668/9.

On 3 January 1636/7, George Soule and Nathaniel Thomas sued and countersued each other over two heifers.

On 5 March 1667/8 George Soule Sr. was surety with his son John for the good behavior of his son Nathaniel Soule who had verbally abused Mr. John Holmes, teacher of the church at Duxburrow.3,4,5

George left a will dated 11 August 1677, and proved 5 March 1679/80 (paragraphing added for clarity):
In the Name of God Amen

I Gorge Soule senir of Duxberry in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England being aged and weake of body but of a sound mind and Memory praised be God Doe make this my last Will and Testament in Manor and forme following

Imprimis I comitt my soule into the hands of Almighty God whoe Gave it and my body to be Decently buried in the place appointed for that use whensoever hee shall please to take mee hence;

And for the Disposall of my outward estate which God of his Goodnes hath Given mee

First I have and alreddy formerly by deeds under my hand and seale Given unto my two sonnes Nathaniel: and Gorge All my lands in the Township of Dartmouth;

Item I have formerly Given unto my Daughters Elizabeth and Patience all my lands in the Township of Middleberry

Item I Give an bequeath unto my Daughters Sussannah and Mary twelve pence a peece to be payed by my executer hereafter Named after my Decease;

And forasmuch as my Eldest son John Soule and his family hath in my extreame old age and weaknes bin tender and carefull of mee and very healpfull to mee; and is likely soe to be while it shall please God to continew my life heer therefore I give and bequeath unto my said son John Soule all the Remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever to him his heires and Assignes for ever

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son John Soule all my Goods And Chattles whatsoever

Item I Nominoate And appoint my son John Soule to be my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament;

And lastly I Doe heerby make Null and voyde all other and former wills and Testaments by mee att Any time made; and Declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament

In Witnes whereof I the said Gorge Soule have hereunto sett my hand and seale this eleventh Day of August in the yeer of our Lord one Thousand six hundred seaventy and seaven

He made a codicil 20 September 1677:
Item the twentieth Day of September 1677 I the above Named Gorge Soule Doe heerby further Declare that it is my will that if my son John Soule above named or his heires or Assignes or any of them shall att any time Disturbe my Daughter Patience or her heires or Assignes or any of them in peacable Possession or Injoyment of the lands I have given her or her heirs or Asignes or any of them That then my Givft to my son John Soule shall shalbe voyd; and that then my will is my Daughter Patience shall have all my lands att Duxburrey And shee shalbe my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament And enter into my housing lands and meddowes att Duxburrow, In Witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale;

The inventory of estate was taken 22 January 1679[/80] and totaled £40 19s. of which:
£25 was real estate;
"dwelling house, orchard, barn and upland", £20;
"meadow land," £5

John Soule added his charges against the estate including an unpriced item "for diet and tendance since my mother died which was three year the last December." The accounting begins in 1674, and 1676 is the last year mentioned though the list does include £1 for funeral charges.6,7

For more information about George Soule, please see this Wikipedia article.


Mary Buckett b. abt. 1605, d. Dec 1676
  • Zachariah Soule1 b. bef. 22 May 1627, d. bef. 11 Dec 1663
  • John Soule1 b. abt. 1632, d. bef. 14 Nov 1707
  • Nathaniel Soule1 b. abt. 1637, d. bef. 12 Oct 1699
  • George Soule1 b. abt. 1639, d. abt. 1704
  • Susanna Soule+1 b. abt. 1642, d. aft. 1684
  • Mary Soule1 b. abt. 1644, d. aft. 1720
  • Elizabeth Soule1 b. abt. 1645, d. 1701
  • Patience Soule1 b. abt. 1648, d. 11 Mar 1705/6
  • Benjamin Soule1 b. abt. 1651, d. 26 Mar 1676
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