Duncan Stuart

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Duncan Stuart, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), was born at Scotland, about 1623.1 He died at Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts, 20 August 1717.1

Duncan married Ann Winchurst, whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), 1654.1,2

Duncan Stuart first appears on record at Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1654 when at the Quarterly Court held in March of that year:
Duncan Stewartt and An Winchest were sentenced to be whipped for fornication, the man that afternoon and the woman when she should be called out by the magistrates, after she was delivered. Together they were to bring up the child and pay the charges.

After 1654 she no longer appears in the records under her maiden name, and since Duncan's wife was named Ann, we presume they married, probably in 1654.

Duncan was probably one of the Scot prisoners taken by Cromwell's forces at the Battle of Dunbar on 3 Jun 1650. Many of these men were shipped off as indentured servants and sold to the colonists for a set term. Duncan's name is not on a list of similar prisoners from the Battle of Worcester one year later, though some of those names are not legible. That he gained his liberty and married in a short amount of time suggests he was in the earlier group of men taken at Dunbar.

He had a house lot in Ipswich in 1656, but moved to Newbury about 1659. He was chosen as a fence viewer on 22Mar 1685/6 and tithing-man. He also appears on a Newbury tax list of August 1688. He moved to Rowley where his name first appears in 1689. He was assessed £2 on the Rowley tax list of 1691.

He may have considered moving to Scarboro, Maine where he bought 100 acres at Blue Point from Timothy Collins in December 1680. He was taxed there in 1681, but apparently never lived there. He sold the property to Francis Wainwright in 1708.

In an Essex county deed of 1698 he is called "laborer". He was aged about 75 according to a deposition of 1698 in a Suffolk County Court file (SJC 3784). 16 March 1702/3 he was living "northwest of Rye Plain Bridge and Long Hill" when the minister's rates were abated. In 1704 a deed described him as "late of Newbury, but now of Rowley." In two deeds he acknowledged in 1708 he called "Planter" and "Husbandman". There is no evidence found to support the statement in Gage's History of Rowley (p. 318) that he was a shipwright or ever owned a shipyard.

At his death his age was thought to be about 100 years, but by his statement in 1698 he would have been about 94 and born about 1623.1,3


Ann Winchurst b. say 1635, d. 9 Jul 1729
  • (…) Stuart1 b. 1654
  • Katherine Stuart1 b. 8 Jun 1658
  • Martha Stuart1 b. 4 Apr 1659, d. aft. 1709
  • Charles Stuart4 b. 5 Jun 1661, d. 8 May 1689
  • Elizabeth Stuart1 b. 2 Nov 1662
  • James Stewart+1 b. 8 Oct 1664, d. 17 Sep 1750
  • John Stuart5 b. 1666, d. 23 Dec 1756
  • Solomon Stuart5 b. say 1668, d. Dec 1690
  • Henry Stuart5 b. 1 May 1669
  • Samuel Stuart1 b. abt. 1671, d. bef. Mar 1752
  • Hannah Stuart6 b. abt. 1673
  • Ebenezer Stuart1 b. abt. 1676, d. 20 Apr 1749
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