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John Budd, son of Lieutenant John Budd and Catheryn Butcher, was born probably shortly before his baptism at St. Andrews, Chichester, Sussex, England, 22 February 1630/31.1 He died before 12 November 1684, when his will was proved.2

John married Mary Horton, daughter of Barnabas Horton and Mary Langton, say 1653.2,3

Some of the known events of John Budd's life as summarized in the Personal Index of Southold:

His property was listed on 9 June 1663:
"whome lott with severall purchases thereunto adjoyining Conteyninge by estimation about 16 acres more or lesse;
fower and twenty acres of Woodland more or lesse lyinge at the front of the North Sea Lotts, the land of Willm Wells on the South, butting upon the North sea lotts;
Eight and twenty acres more of Woodland more or lesse lying at the north sea, the land of John Swasey on the east;
Eight acres of Woodland more or lesse in the neck adjoyninge to Toms Creeke--the land of Widdowe youngs west, and the pasture easterly.
Twentie and fower acres more of Woodland more or lesse lying neere or adjoyninge to the greate Swamp.
fifteene acres of land more or lesse by the swampp in the old field formerly purased of Barnabas Wynes Senr.
One acre of earable land in the old feild more or lesse, purchased of Richrd Benjamin.
Two acres more of earable land more or lesse lying the same Old feild--the land of Barnabas Horton on the north side.
One acre more of earable land in the old feild aforesaid purchased formerly of . . .  lying on the north side, the land of John Youngs Jr. . . .
Halfe an acre more of earable land in the same field purchased of. . .  the land of Barnabas horton Sen. . . .
fower acres of meadowe more or lesse adjoyninge to Toms Creek--the meadowe of John Curwin on the north end and Thomas Moore on the South end.
fortie acres of woodland more or lesse in the further end of the neeck from the stack of Barnabas Hortons land there
Two acres of meadow there more or lesse in two parcells: the neerest meadow thereunto is Barnabas Wynes Senr the land and meadow lyinge northward to a high object knowne by the name of Anthonies Clifft.
Also a p'cell of meadow in the remotest meadows of Cauchake, that was layed out lyinge betweene Samuell Kings meadowe and Thomas Terryes conteyninge by estimacon about fower acres, more or lesse.
Also a certen p'cell of meadow in the Oysterponnd meadow conteyning by estimacon about six acres more or lesse.
Also halfe one third lott of meadow and comonage at the oysterponnd neck, formerly of right belonginge to Henry Whitneys accommodacons in Southold and by him reserved out to fhe sale he made to John Balyes of all the rest of his right in Southold aforesaid.
Moreover a certen p'cell of woodland and old ground layed out in Occabauck from sea to sea conteyning about fower score pole in Breadth on each end, and lyinge between the land of Henry Case on the West and Thomas Terry on the east.
Also, halfe on third lott of Woodland at Oysterpond lower neck--the land of John Tuthill both on the east and west.
Moreover--On seacond lot of meadowe on the further side the river at Occobauke, which hee had by vertue of exhaing of Captaine John Youngs--the other halfe of the said John Youngs meadow, now in the possesion of Johnn Swasey on the west--& on the east the meadow of Thomas Mapes.4

1669/70, he became entitled to the real estate of his father, subject to the will.
1671, he and Thomas Moore sold 1/8 of the ketch Thomas and John, 44 tons, to Isaac Arnold.
1676, he was called "Mr." and rated for £300 based on the previous year's rate, he not being at home at the time.
1678, he joined with others in a deed to E. Petty for some common lands.
1678/9, made a Bill of Sale for half of the sloop Speedwell to P. Pirse.
25 Apr 1679, sold to John Hallock, "house and messuage."
28 Apr 1679, sold to Jeremiah Vail,"halfe of my home lott in Southold Town poltt, that is to say the eastermost halfe which was sometime in the possession of my father Mr John Budd containing by estimation eight acres. . . I to give the said Jeremiah Vaile possession by the first of October next--and my wife to acknolwedge her assent to the sale in convenient time if need be."5
1683, he was rated for £350, nearly the largest in town.
1683, he deeded to Judith Brown, his "honored father's daughter."
1683, he was witness to the mortgage of W. Rogers to Peter Dickerson.2

John left a will dated and proved in the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Suffolk Co., 12 Nov 1684. He described himself as "of the Town of Southold, being at present weak in body." and bequeathed:
To wife Mary Budd, two cows, a bed, and all household goods, and the negro woman called Catharine and her child." And she is to remain in my new dwelling house, and my eldest son John shall maintain her with victualls during her widowhood. And anything more for her comfort shall be at the discretion of my executors. I also leave her one piece of gold, value 21 shillings."

To eldest son John, all his accommodations of land and meadow, and commonage lying between the Fresh meadow and Plum Gut, as will appear by Record, with all Housing and farming implements. Also 4 oxen, 3 cows, 6 horses. "If he marries without the consent of my executors, then he is to have only two-thirds of what is here left to him. And he is to make no sale or Trucker of any part of his estate without the consent of my executors until he come to the age of twenty-five years."

To son Joseph, "all my right and interest in a neck of land in Westchester. which lieth between Blind Brook and Mamaroneck River, and an island of meadow belonging thereto (except 100 acres of upland and 4 acres of meadow), and all my housing and improvements on said land."

To daughter Mary, wife of Christopher Youngs, one half of his right of land and meadow at Accobauk.

To daughter Hannah wife of Jonathan Hart, 100 acres of land, and 4 acres of meadow in the neck called Mensarninck lying between Joseph Budds and Langleys.

To daughter Ann, one half of his right of land and meadow at Accobauk, and £15;

To daughter Sarah £30, when she arrives at the age of eighteen;

makes his "respected friends and neighbors," John Tuttle, Sr., and Isaac Arnold his executors, and leaves to each of them "50 shillings to buy what they shall best like to remember me by."6,7


Mary Horton b. say 1635, d. aft. 1680
  • Mary Budd+2,6 b. Sep 1654, d. 6 May 1734
  • John Budd6 b. aft. 1659, d. aft. Oct 1684
  • Ann Budd6 b. bef. 1666, d. aft. Oct 1684
  • Hannah Budd6 b. bef. 1666, d. aft. Oct 1684
  • Joseph Budd6 b. bef. 1666, d. aft. Oct 1684
  • Sarah Budd6 b. aft. 1666, d. aft. Oct 1684
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