Griffith Garten

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Griffith Garten, son of Elijah Garten and Frances (Fanny) Dickenson, was born at Virginia, about 1765. He died at Monroe Co., Virginia, before February 1843.1

Griffith married Hannah Miller, daughter of James Miller and Margaret Boyd, at Greenbrier Co., Virginia [now West Virginia], 19 September 1787.2

In his will, Griffith freed his slaves, and gave them most of his property. At one time he had made a codicil that gave one of them even more property, but it was decided in court that he had revoked that bequest. One witness, in response to questioning by attorneys for both sides stated: "He told me that he had given the Gill place to Ben Jackson as a sort of home for him as he had been of more service to him than any two of his children..." When questioned by the defendant's attorney, "Do you think Ben Jackson had a good deal of influence over his master?... that he tried to keep up a variance between him and his children?" the reply was, "I think he had a good deal of influence over his master, and it was generally reported that he did try to keep him angry with his children, which report I believe was true, which was done I believe to enable him better to procure his feedom and property from his master."3,4


Hannah Miller b. 1765, d. 7 Sep 1828
  • Hugh Garten5,3 b. abt. 1788, d. aft. 1850
  • William Garten6,3 b. say 1790, d. bef. 1847
  • Uriah Garten3,5 b. say 1792, d. aft. 1850
  • Ella Garten7,3 b. say 1794, d. aft. 1844
  • Margaret Garten3,7 b. say 1796, d. aft. 1844
  • Elijah A. Garten3,5 b. 1798, d. aft. 1850
  • James K. Garten3,5 b. say 1800, d. Aug 1849
  • Jane Garten3 b. say 1801, d. aft. 1850
  • Dickinson Garten+5,3,8 b. 28 Dec 1803, d. 30 Nov 1851
  • Sarah "Sally" Garten3 b. 1805, d. aft. 1850
  • Jesse Garten5,3 b. 1805, d. aft. 1850
  • Sianna Garten3 b. say 1807, d. bef. 1844
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