Richard Gardner

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Richard Gardner, son of Thomas Gardner and NN (…), was born at Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts, 1632.1 He died at Nantucket, Nantucket Co., Massachusetts, 23 January 1688.2,1

Richard married Sarah Shattuck, daughter of Thomas Shattuck and Damaris (…), at Salem 1652.3,4,5,6

Richard Gardner lived at Salem from 1643 to 1666; he and his wife were persecuted for attending Quaker a Meeting, and went to live in Nantucket.

In 1673, Governor Lovelace commissioned him as chief magistrate of Nantucket. Here is a copy of that commission from Deeds book III, p 89, from the Secretary of State in Albany, New York:

"Letter from the Secretary to ye Inhabts of Nantuckett.

--By the Governors Ordr I am to acquaint you, That hee Received your Letter (bearing Date the 3d Day of Aprill) about three weeks fince, by the Hands of Mr. Richard Gardner, together with eight Barrels of ffifh for two Yeares, Acknowledgement, and a Token of fifty weight of ffeathers, for which your Care of the Former and Kindnefs in the Latter hee Returns you Thanks. There came to the Governor in the Winter a Letter from Mr ?Tristram Coffin about your Election, but no other from you; in anfwer to which you had heard from him fooner, but the Difficulty of Conveyeance hindered. You will now underftand the Governors Choice, by the Bearers hereof Mr. Richard and Captain John Gardner;

"That is, Mr Richard Gardner for Cheife Magiftrate this Yeare, and Capt. John Gardner for Chiefe Military Officer, for which thery have Commiffions. They have alfo with them fome Additional Inftructions and Directions to Communicate to you; moft of which were Propofed by thofe two ffriends you sent who have prudently Managed the Truft you Repofed in them. They have alfo with them a Booke of the Lawes of the Government, and three Conftables Staves;

"As to your Nonperformance of the Acknowledgement according to the Strictnefs of the time, his Hornor being fenfible that Opportunityes doe not very frequently prefent between these Places, hee is very well Satisfyed with your Civill Excufe. If at any Time you have other Propofalls to make, for the Good of yor Inhabitants, you may reft affured of his Horors ready Complyance therein. This is all I have in Charge to Deliver unto you from the Governour, foe take Leave and Subscribe; Your very humble Servant "Matthias Nicholls."7,8


Sarah Shattuck b. 5 Jun 1631, d. 1724
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