John Washburn

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John Washburn, son of John Washburn and Margery Moore, was born probably shortly before his baptism at Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England, 26 November 1620.1 He died at Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, 12 November 1686.1

John married (1) Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke, at Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, 6 December 1645;1,2 he married (2) Elizabeth (…), whose ancestry is unknown (or not traced here), between 1684 and 1686.1,3

John Washburn was age 14 when he arrived on the Elizabeth and Anne with his brother Phillip, age 11, and Mrs Marjorie Wasburn, age 49, of Evehsam, co. Worcester. In August 1643, both he and his father were listed on the list of "The Names of the Males that are able to beare Armes" from the township of Duxborrow.

In 1645, both he and his father were on the list of inhabitants for Duxbury. On 7 June 1659, John Washburn Jr. was elected Constable for Duxbury.

On the 6th of the ninth month (November) 1664 he acknowledged the sale of some land:
John Wasburne Jnir Acknowlidgeth the sale of a pcell of land which was given unto him by Experience Michell being beyand bound brooke in the township of yarmouth adjoyning to the land of Mr William Bradford senir : whoe bought all that land of John Washburne both upland and meddow which was given to him by his father Michell

He sold all his lands in Duxbury in 1640 and thereafter is seen in Bridgewater. The deed is dated 17 March 1670 and was witnessed by Philip Delanoy Sr. and Thomas Delanoy. John and his wife later acknowledged the deed 22 May 1671:
John Wasburne senir of the Towne of Bridgwater" for £40 "Currant New England pay to mee in hand payed with a share or purchase of alotment of land att or in Bridgwater' excepting the home or house Lott which was sold before this engagement ; This share of land both upland and meddow ' the said Washburne is to have . . .  all these payments to mee in hand payed before teh sealing and Delivery heerof ' by Edward Southworth '. . .  Doe give grant bargaine sell. . .  from mee the said John Washbourne. . . unto him the abovesaid Edward Southworth. . . all those my housing and lands lying in the Towne of Duxburrow and places adjacent ' This is to say my Dwelling house out houses with the upland it stands on ' and orcyards feilds Dormant lands' both what the abovesaid Washburne had bought or given him by the Towne; which Lands Containe thirty acrees, be it more or less; with the meddow att the end of it ' as alsoe about forty acrees of upland att a place Comonly Called Greensharbour brooke which land was given him by his father ; as alsoe a prsell of upland and meddow up in the woods att or about the south River given him by the Towne ' as alsoe six acrees of meddow more or less ' lying and being att a place Comonly Called and knowne by the pynes ' Lying between the meddowes of Gorge Soule and Phillip Delanoes ' and two acrees of meddow more or lesse att the Cutt ' and one acree more or less att a place Called Bumpps feild ; as alsoe a prsell of meddow More or lesse that was bought of Major Winslow .4,5,6

John left a will dated 30 October 1686, and proved 8 June 1687 with the following bequests:
to my Wife Elizabeth Washbourne one Bed one Boulster one Pillow two pair of sheets one Blanket one Coverlet two chests Six bushels of Indian Corne one bushell of Barley. farther with Respect to money which was my wives part whereof I have already laid out for her we are agreed that I should Returned to her two pounds and ten shillings which I have already done.

to my Son John fourscore acres of upland in the place where he hath already Built and what shall be found wanting of the fourscore acres in the said place shall be made up to him on the Easterly side of my Land next the South Brooke more I Give to him a lot of meadow in Cousters Kitchen lying betwene the lots of Samuel and james : more tow Lots of meadow Lying in the Great Meadow above the Great Island more I Give to him a whole purchase Right in the undivided lands . further my will is that my Son John take Care of my Brother Phillip to provide for him on that Consideration I farther Give to my Son John half a purchase Right in my undivided lands and half a fifty acre lot not Yet laid out further I Give to him the Improvement of a Lot of meadow in the Great meadow Lying next to John Ames during my Brothers Life and after my Brothers Decease the one half of the lot Shall be to my son James . and my Son John shall Enjoy the other half

To my son Thomas I have already Given twenty acres of upland which he hath Exchanged for land where he hath built more I have Given him a Lot of meadow in Cousters Kitchen lying on the outside Northerly. I have also Given him half a purchase Right in the undivided lands of all which Lands I have formerly Given him Deed :

To my Son Joseph I have Given twenty acres of Land lying at Satucket pond and a lot of meadow lying at Black Brooke I have otherwise Done for him according to my ability And my will that he therewth Rest Contented.

To my Son Samuel I Give thirty five acres of land in the place where he hath already Built and a Lot at Quatitequat joyning to his Great lot there . more I Give half a purchase Right in the Undivided Lands. Also a lot of meadow Lying up poore meadow River And joyning to his own lot there more a lot of meadow in Cousters Kithchen lying on the outside Southerly. farther I Give to him thirty acres of Land joyning to his land where he hath built And also a Steere Calf.

To my son Jonathan I Give fifty acres of Land Lying on the outside of my land next the South Brooke and if he Should Come to Settle upon it within the Space of two years after the date of this my Will he Shall Enjoy it as his own otherwise my sons John Samuel Benjamin and James Shall Enjoy the Land being Equally Divided betweene them Each of them paying to my son Jonathan fifty Shaillings in Comon pay more I give to my son Jonathan a lot of meadow lying in the Great meadow joyning to a lot of Goodman Turners. Also half a purchase Right in the undivided lands.

To my Son Benjamin I Give fifty acres of Land which formerly was my fathers lot Also a lot of meadow lying up Satucket River joyning to a lot of Samuel Wadsworths and half a purchase Right in the undivided lands . also two young Steeres a young horse a Cow a Bed an an iron pot.

To my Younger Son James when he Shall Come to age I Give the land which lyeth between my Son John and my Son Benjamin butting on the River and Runing in length till it meet with the Butt of my son Samuels Land with my dwelling house and all out housing thereunto elonging also a lot of meadow in Cousters Kitchen joyning to a lot of Benjamin Willis and half a purchase Right in the undivided lands

a fifty acre lot lying near Bear Swamp I Give to my two Sons John and Samuel to be Equally divided between them

A lot of meadow lying in the mouth of Black Brooke I Give to my three sons Samuel Jonathan and Benjamin to be Equally divided between them "

to my Daughter Mary I Give ten acres of Land to be laid out " and one Cow.

To my daughter Elizabeth I Give the mare which they have in keeping and ten acres of Land already layd out to my Son in Law her husband

To my two daughters Mary and Elizabeth I Give twenty acres of land Lying Down the Town River on the northerly side and joyning to the lands of William Brett to be Equally Divide

To my daughter Jane I Give twenty acres of land lying down Satucket River on the Easterly Side and joyning to the lands of Samuel Allen : further I give to her one Cow one heiffer a bed and an iron pot :

To my daughter Sarah I Give twenty acres of land joyning to my Son Samuels land near his house

further all my Right and Interest in the lands Called the Majors purchase or in any other Lands without the four mile my Will is that it shall be Equally Divided between my sons John Thomas Samuel Jonathan Benjamin and james

My two old oxen I leave in the hands of my two sons John nad Samuel to be sold when fit for sale and four pounds of the money to be Disposed of for my Son Benjamin toward his building

I leave on the Land which I Intend to my son James : one horse two oxen one bull two Cows with all the furniture for husbandry to be Imporved for the benifit of my two yonger Children James and Sarah and my will is that when these Children Come to age the principle be Divided betweene them. By principle I Intend the horse oxen and other Cattell with the tooles and furniture afore mentioned.

for my Trustees and overseers I Do nominate my kind friend mr John Thomson of Middleborough and my Brother Edward Mitchel I do nominate and ordaine my two sons John and Samuel Executors

Witnessed by Thomas Hayward and Joseph Alden, it was proved 8 June 1687:
This Instrument being Exhibited unto the Inferior Court of Common Pleas held at Plimouth. . . by John Wasbourne there in named Executor. Thomas Hayward and Joseph Alden the witnesses above named Personally appearing made oath before the Said Court that the Testator John Wasbourne Deceased in their presence Did signe seal and declare this Instrument to be his last Will and Testament and that he then was of a Disposing mind and understanding to the best of their judgments.

A third witness who did not sign made oath:
That John Ames Senr of Bridgwater appeared before the Inferior Court of Comon pleas held at Plimouth Sept 14th 1687 and made oath that he was Present with the other witnesses within named heard the within named John Washbourne Deceased Declare this Instrument to which his hand and Seal is put to be his last Will & Testament and that he then was of a disoposing mind and understanding to the best of his judgment.

The inventory totaled £142 8s., and mentoned no real estate:
An Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of John Wasburne of the Town of Bridgwater deceased the 12th day of November 1686. . . . Taken by us the 19th day of november 1686. . . . John field John Leonard.7

Family 1

Elizabeth Mitchell b. 1629, d. bt 1682 - 1684
  • John Washburn1 b. abt. 1646
  • Thomas Washburn1 b. say 1649
  • Samuel Washburn1 b. 1651/52
  • Joseph Washburn+1 b. 7 Jul 1653, d. 20 Apr 1733
  • Jonathan Washburn1 b. say 1658
  • Benjamin Washburn1 b. say 1660, d. 1690
  • Mary Washburn1 b. 1661
  • Elizabeth Washburn1 b. say 1665
  • Jane Washburn1 b. abt. 1670
  • James Washburn1 b. 15 May 1672
  • Sarah Washburn1 b. abt. 1675

Family 2

Elizabeth (…)
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