Ermengarde de Tours

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Ermengarde de Tours, daughter of Hugues, Count of Tours and Ève, died 20 March 851.1,2

Ermengarde married Lothair I, Emperor, son of Louis I "the Pious," Emperor and Ermengarde of Haspengau, 15 October 821.1,3,4,5


Lothair I, Emperor b. abt. 795, d. 29 Sep 855
  • NN6,2
  • Charles, King of Burgundy1 d. 24 Jan 864
  • Hiltrud1 d. bef. 866
  • Rotrud1
  • Gisela1 d. aft. 19 May 856
  • Bertha1 d. 7 May 852
  • Louis II, Emperor b. abt. 823, d. 12 Aug 855
  • Lothair II, King of Lorraine+7,8 b. say 835, d. 8 Aug 869
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